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Unauthorized Product Support

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Mark Watkinson


Unauthorized Product Support

Complaint about Currys PC World

Last month I finally managed to clear my credit card completely. So I was surprised when I received a bill from them this month with a payment of £5.50 going out to Product Support AG. This prompted me to start looking back on my previous bills and I was staggered to find this payment had been coming out every month since at least April 2014 !!!!! I have no idea what this product support relates to but we did buy a washing machine from Currys in March 2014 so this could be for this but I can categorically say I did not ask OR agree to this product support. A close family member worked for Currys / Dixons most of his working life before retiring and he always told me that product support was a waste of time and he would never have it so I have always refused it as well. Even if in a moment of madness I agreed to have it I would have set up a direct debit for it, not have it taken off my credit card !! I want this product support stopped now and my money refunded to me. Maybe I should have picked up on this earlier but I used to use my credit card extensively so it's no surprise I missed it. I feel very strongly about this and I am prepared to go to Trading Standards, the Newspapers and anyone else that will listen to me !

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Mark Watkinson | 25/03/2017 11:48

That's the whole point, I had no terms and conditions provided to me because I didn't agree to this !! I will be speaking to trading standards about this matter.

KNOWHOW TOHELP | 25/03/2017 13:11 | VERIFIED

Hi Mark. They are provided at the time of purchase and details of the Card mandate are also printed on your purchase receipt. Payments are detailed on your statement since purchase in 2013 along with our contact number. As we have received no previous request to cancel, no further refund is due. Thanks. Carrie.

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