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Canceling a contract

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Scott Dackombe


Canceling a contract

Complaint about Talkmobile

• Mid Jun 2016 – Cancelled my contract with them and paid to close the contract • 16th Jan 2017 – Receive a demand letter for payment of approx. £32. Called Talkmobile, was told the representative I spoke to in Jun 2016 took my money but failed to cancel the contract. Was assured the contract would now be canceled and the £32 would be waived . • 25th Jan 2017 – Received another demand for £32, this time threatening me with sending bailiffs to collect the money and that this would have a negative impact on my credit score. Again, spoke to Talkmobile and was this time told that the person I spoke to on 16th Jan did cancel my contract but failed to waive the £32. Therefore, the letter was sent. Was promised that the £32 would now be waived and that Talkmobile would ensure my credit rating would not be affected by their error. • 27th Jan 2017 – Checked my credit rating, and guess what? A negative report had been placed on my file for late payment. • 27th Jan 2017 – Escalated the issue to customer relations, who promised me that everything would be resolved. • 31st Jan – Received letter from Talkmobile customer relations confirming that my account had been closed, the £32 had been waived and the negative report on my credit file would be removed. However, it could take up to 30 days for this to happen. • 01st Feb – Spoke to customer relations and they promised my compensation for the inconvenience. Was told this would take approx. 7 days to be sent to me. • As of today, my credit score has still not been fixed, the compensation has not been received. Then to top it all off, yesterday received another bill from Talkmobile for £0.01p for the contract that I canceled in Jun 2016. The same contract Talkmobile have promised me on many occasions has been canceled. • Have spoken to Talkmobile again today to be told that they now need to investigate and that they will not respond to me for 14 days. So nearly 10 months after I canceled, and hours on the phone and many emails. We are still no closer to resolving their errors! Requested an email from the on 07th March to contain all logs on my account, and also a date that all issues would be resolved. The was promised, but 3 days later. Still waiting Talkmobile have been completely incompetent and unprofessional dealing with their errors from start to finish. Adding to this that it is extremely difficult to speak to anyone in authority. If you want to speak to a manager / supervisor (which I did on many occasions). You must request a call back that can take anything up to 48 hours. LikeShow more reactionsCommentShare

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