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Escaped water

Complaint about Anglian Water

Just after Christmas an engineer came round to update our water meter,{what i dont want anyway}while he was there he noticed there was a very small hole in a lead pipe coming out of the ground,he said it would have to be sorted out before he could fit the new meter After the man left water started oozing out from under our kitchen sink which started coming up under our kitchen tiles ,we complained as we never had this problem before,it took Anglian water 3 weeks of locating the problem and sending someone round to sort it out,in the meantime i was having to cope walking accross a wet smelly floor.They said they would take full responsibility for any damage and put it through their insurance team. We have a big whole in our garden in front of the kitchen where the technician tried to tackle the problem from the outside, he was unable to do this and so cut a hole in my kitchen unit and reached the damaged pipe that way. In all this problem has been going on for 6 weeks,our kitchen tiles are ruined and cracked in a few places because they didnt sort the problem out sooner,all they did was send different people to photograph the issue and to locate where the problem was They did not rush themselves I have now been told that their insurance team will not cover my damaged tiles which are only 4 years old,but they will fill in the damaged hole in my garden, How very generous of them considering they caused the problem in the first place After nearly 2 months of waiting for repairs they are now talking about sending someone round to repair the hole in my garden and hopefully fill in the hole under my sink unit although i wouldnt be at all surprised if they try and say that that isnt their responsibility either. They are a joke of a company that ive had the misfortune of having to deal with And they will probably still have the cheek to want to book me in to update their new meter,which i may add i do not want anyway ,but once one has been installed on your property by the previous occupants they will not remove it

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