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Complaint about UK Mail

I ordered a new phone with o2 on Friday 3rd March. It was due to be delivered by Monday with UKMail. I was working on Monday from 07-16, but did not receive an allocated delivery time until 7.11am on the Monday. It was scheduled for midday so I immediately tried to contact them to rearrange, but everytime I rung the helpline and put my consignment number in, the automated message simply told me "goodbye" and the call ended. I then sent a message on the help form advising I would not be home until 1630, but got no reply. I was at work so unable to use my phone, but I received a call around lunchtime from the driver advising me he was outside my house with the parcel. I apologised and explained I was at work, and had been unable to rearrange the delivery as the help number was unhelpful. The driver was really rude, told me off and hung up on me!! I then managed to reschedule for Thursday 9th March and received a message saying it would be between 1236-1336. I waited in, and at 1200 I actually texted my boyfriend predicting that the parcel would t show up after the previous incident. I was right. By 1400 I tried contacting UKMail who do not make it easy to contact them. I tried their Facebook page - no responses. I tried their online "help" form - told to expect a reply within 24 hours. I tried ringing the automated number - and was told that the parcel was still at the depot. Frustrated I rung o2 who rung UKMail directly whilst I waited on hold (if they can speak to the company why can't customers?) I was told the driver had "forgot" to load my parcel onto the van, and it was indeed still at the depot. Just as I predicted. They stated they were unable to ship it that day, unable to take it to an o2 store for me to collect, and could only send it the following day before 1200hrs (which is most inconvenient as I am on night shifts and will be going to bed around 7am tomorrow). They said they could not postpone the delivery for a later time in the day. I am so disappointed and disgusted by the rubbish customer service, inefficient company, and terrible communication of UKMail.

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