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Pigeon Proofing - Complaint about A Shade Greener - A Spokesman Said

Pigeon Proofing

Complaint about  A Shade Greener  | ANSWERED

A Shade Greener

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Brian Burdis


Pigeon Proofing

Complaint about A Shade Greener

I have had my solar panels from a shade greener for about 3 years now and the space under them has been invaded by pigeons, The mess/smell and noise if horrendous and Shade Greener will do nothing to help. They offered to Pigeon Proof them for about £2500. I persopnally think as they own the panels and that i had no such problem prior to installation that they should correct the proble. Do i have any legal argument? Thanks Brian

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Brian Burdis | 18/04/2017 15:30

At a cost of £2000 any saving we may have made using your panels is totaly wiped out and would probably take 5+ years for the customer to recoup the cost of the bird proofing. I hope the goverment stop the feed in tarrifs for companys like yours

Brian Burdis | 20/04/2017 09:21

Cant even come back with a reason they charge people

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