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Weeks withou washing machine

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Neil White


Weeks withou washing machine

Complaint about Domestic & General

Machine failed on 28th February engineer attended on 2nd of March informed that parts required would take a further seven days so without machine for ten days at this stage (large family with children so machine is on at least once a day) second engineer attend informs that other parts are required and another 14 days at least for parts so we are without machine for at least 24 days with no guarantee of repair working spoke to D and G to inform them of this and they basically said tough that's the SLA we have with hotpoint but we can offer you some small change towards launderette costs when I enquirer s to whether this included time lost from work petrol money etc you can guess the answer when I asked if they would contact hotpoint to chase again told no that they had done all they could. When I asked about the SLA for the customer I was informed there aren't any and the contract does not stipulate a minimum repair time so in effect you could be without a unit for months and they are within their legal compliance.Atrocious service from the usual bandits in the insurance industry avoid at all costs!

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