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Scammed by seller, no help from Shpock

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Rachel Jarrett


Scammed by seller, no help from Shpock

Complaint about Shpock

I purchased a pair of shoes after reading the description of them and studying the photographs. When they arrived they were in no way as described. The right shoe has a 2 - 3 inch piece of wire poking out and the embellishments on that shoe are either missing or extremely loose. I contacted the seller and was told that unless I pay to return them I would not receive any refund at all. As the seller had misrepresented the item I am totally unwilling to lose any more money. I contacted Shpock via the app, then the website, as I had been scammed and the seller is now harassing me with constant messages. I explained the entire situation, made it clear that I have photographic proof of the seller's deception and asked for help to get a refund without having to pay anything more. I was told to 'flag' the seller on the app, which I had already done. All this achieved was a message from Shpock popping up in the conversation between the seller and myself telling us 'to keep in touch and come to an arrangement'. I emailed Shpock to say that I had already taken this step. The reply I received was unbelievable: It was, word for word, the same as the message they had sent to the conversation between myself and the seller. That I had to keep in touch with her and because they are unable to inspect the item it is not up to them to resolve the dispute. So now I have a pair of unwearable shoes, cannot get a refund unless I pay to return them even though I was scammed into buying them and received constant harassment yesterday from the seller. Shpock will not intervene in any way and this seller is still a member who can continue to scam people. I am disabled, have very little money and the total lack of support for buyers and the cash that we pay has left me in an untenable situation. I now have to open a dispute with PayPal which I am really not well enough to do right now.

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Rachel Jarrett | 27/03/2017 19:38

I have been in contact with you via Facebook and was told that there was absolutely nothing that you can do. This user is still a member of Shpock, has left a really bad review of ME even though I won the PayPal claim and I think that it's terrible. Allowing a known scammer to continue to sell

Shpock Team | 30/03/2017 12:34 | VERIFIED

Rachel. If you get back in touch with us we can have a look at this review and overall situation. If it is unjustified we will remove it. Thanks, Your Shpock Team.

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