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yvolution strolly compact childs trike

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yvolution strolly compact childs trike

Complaint about Mothercare

I ordered the yvolution strolly compact childs trike from Mothercare (early learning centre) in time for my sons first birthday on 23/02/17. The trike arrived on the 18.2.2017 and upon receiving the trike, the description on the box was nothing like the trike advertised on the Mothercare website (I believe the one Mothercare sent out is an older version of the one advertised online). I therefore emailed Mothercare customer services advising of this the same day it was delievered. They asked for photos of the trike delivered to us and the trike advertised online as well as for a outline of the differences between the two. I did this and Mothercare replied saying that we could either return the Trike to a Store or wait in for it to be collected by their courier. I was still hoping I could get the advertised trike in time for my sons birthday so I phoned Mothercare on the Monday to explain the situation to them. They appologised and said if we returned the trike to the Southampton store they would order another one in for us to pick up the same day. They advised that it would take 2 days for the trike to get to Store so on the 2nd day I phoned up the Southampton store to find out if the trike had arrived in store, they said yes it had. I asked the assistant to describe the picture on the box to me, to verify it was the trike advertised online, but sadly it was the same trike i had already received so i asked the assistant how this problem would be resolved and she said she would look into it and get back to me. She did, but had no answer to our problem other than to contact Mothercare customer services. So we phoned Mothercare customer services up to find out how we could sort the problem out, we made four or five lengthy phone calls over the next couple of days explaining the situation we were in, each time we spoke to a different person, we then had to explain what's happened and the difference in the trike advertised and the trike we've actually received, each time they said they would look into it and get back to us which they didn't. All we wanted to know was if we could get the trike Mothercare were advertising online, each phone call we were told they would need to speak to their warehouse to find out if that trike was stocked and they would get back to us in 24 hours. 72 hours later we had not had not heard from Mothercare about this. When we did hear we were asked to resend the pictures of the two trikes as they were unable to find my initial email. I did this and after several more emails and phone calls, was told that Mothercare were unable to supply the trike advertised online, so if we wanted to return the trike we either had to stay in all day for the Mothercare courier, or return it to a Mothercare Store at our expense ( eventually they did offer us a £20 voucher if we return the trike to a Store but this doesn't help cover our cost of petrol it takes to return it to store). In the meantime we contacted yvolution about the matter and they agreed that it seemed Mothercare were sending out an older version of the trike advertised online. We have also looked at the Mothercare website and see that the trike we wanted - the yvolution Strolly compact' is still being advertised on the website using the picture of the trike, we thought we would be getting. We have raised this in emails to Mothercare, following on from being told they could not supply this trike and Mothercare have ignored this.

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