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Completely inept

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Karen Heming


Completely inept

Complaint about 247 Home Rescue

247 is definitely not that! They open their offices at 10 am and if you are lucky, your call will eventually be answered. (If not, you will be left hanging). Emergency cover took several days to arrive and I was then told to scrap my boiler because it needed a new circuit board and they would not repair it. They also immediately cancelled my policy. Because the boiler was only 5 years old I contacted the manufacturers. They came out and said the circuit board was absolutely fine. The boiler was not igniting because it needed a replacement igniter apparently. (The engineer said it should have been the first thing 247 checked). 247 were totally unapologetic. At first denied that their engineer had said anything different to the manufacturers', but then decided as a "goodwill gesture" to reinstate my policy and refund my excess charge. When I pointed out that they owed me the excess charge anyway, as they had not sent a competent engineer out to do the repair, they denied this. Apparently competent engineers make schoolboy errors. Anyway, still not apology, no recompense for the repair I HAD TO PAY FOR, and no acknowledgement that I had been told to buy a new boiler for no good reasons. Needless to say, I did not take up their offer of reinstating the policy. They have had enough of my money! And I have had nothing in return. DON'T TOUCH THEM - NOT EVEN WITH A BARGE POLE!

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Karen Heming | 18/03/2017 09:28

Still no satisfactory response. No apology and no compensation for the repair I had to pay for because your engineer could not diagnose correctly.

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