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Chemise Isaac



Complaint about I-Model management

Well... where do I start. First of all I would not recommend this experience to anyone and would not wish the treatment I received from Ade on my worst enemy. What was a lovely day of shooting soon turned out to be one of the worst experiences of my life. My feedback session at the end of the day with Ade begun very positive. He couldn't stop complimenting me and my work and thought I had real potential in the industry. He recommended that the next step for me was to purchase a portfolio. I was interested until he said it would be £2500. There was no pre warning of this at all apart from on the contract where it states: 'Should you decide that modelling is the right path for you, our team can help advise on the types of portfolios best valuable for you. We also give you the chance to purchase one of our studio’s high quality portfolios. We have portfolio packages available for most budgets. Information and prices can be found on our website. However, it is not mandatory for you to purchase a portfolio'. I called my dad for some trusted advice, with no answer and feeling under pressure my gut told me 'no. Don't do it'. When I explained that I could not afford this and I would have to leave it - the mood changed and Ade became very rude and pushy which eventually reduced me to tears. Some of his comments were: "Why do you need to rely on your parents? Your 23 not 13" " Your not giving me a valid reason why you don't want to purchase a portfolio. Your acting spoilt" "Do you live on your own? Do you have a job? Do you not finance yourself? I'm sure you can get a deposit together. Surely you have money.You don't need to run to daddy for help" "Why are you still here if your not going to purchase one? I would have left but your still sat here!" These are just some of the things that Ade Said that were extremely personal and hurtful. Ade was ever so rude and put me under a GREAT amount of pressure. Because I was upset Ade offered to give me 1 image free of charge so I wouldn't leave empty handed. By this point I was so upset that I just wanted to leave. I refused the image. He kept telling me that I would regret it. He handed over a piece of paper and told me to sign for this free image. Again I refused but he kept pushing. By now I was getting really fed up and just wanted to walk out. I took the time to read the paper and the paper was not even anything to do with a free image it was a contract to say that I didn't want my deposit back!! He was point blank lying to my face. I refused to sign. He then had the cheek to write "chemise wants 1 image and not her deposit back". This was RIDICULOUS!!. I expect a full refund of my £55 deposit as it states on the contract I signed that 'Your booking deposit will be authorised back to you on the day by our studio manager, but it may take up to 5 working days to show back up into your account'. I contacted the regent studios office about my refund and they said that I had agreed to a photo and not a refund. This is untrue and I did not sign anything. I have sent a complaint and I'm yet to hear anything. My emails are being ignored and so are my calls. It is appalling to witness an employee to behave in such a manner. I was both shocked and disappointed to be treated in such an awful way and believe you should be made aware of your employees actions. I trust that this is not the way that regent studios does business and that you will mention my concern with Ade about the incident. I am open to discussing the matter further with the team however NOONE is replying to my calls or emails.I want my deposit back and to forget about the awful experience that I had. So my advice to anyone reading this is to STAY AWAY!!!

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