Glass mirror shattering on fridge freezer RSH1DLMR - Complaint about Samsung - A Spokesman Said

Glass mirror shattering on fridge freezer RSH1DLMR

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Glass mirror shattering on fridge freezer RSH1DLMR

Complaint about Samsung

Whilst watching tv one night we heard a noise from the kitchen. We went to investigate and found the glass mirror on one of the fridge double doors shattered. I heard a funny noise and found out that it was coming from the mirror. It was still cracking. I took a video and my wife sent it off to Samsung via Facebook. They sent 2 engineers over but one made my wife feel uncomfortable and the second one said that the first one was 'having a bad day'. Samsung responded within the next few days saying it was an impact not manufacturing issue. I can understand, from looking at photos, why they came to that conclusion however, if it was impact related it would leave an indentation mark but there isn't one ! I have spoken to them myself but, while they listened to me, they were not interested as their engineers word is final. The engineer claims to have made it safe but when I questioned what was made safe, the guy on the phone told me it was, in laymans terms, none of business and I wouldn't understand ! I'm very upset about this as we have a 3 year old boy and trying to keep him away from the fridge door in case he runs his hand across the glass and slices his hand, isn't easy but although it's about 7 years old, this is an expensive kitchen appliance and we feel abandoned by Samsung and actually quite angry that we are being accused of breaking the mirror ourselves so therefore called liars. I'm not sure if this a common issue with this particular make and model but we would be grateful for further investigation Many Thanks Steven Blake

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