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Poor customer service

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karen marshall


Poor customer service

Complaint about Domestic & General

I have had my washers insured (as I always called it) through domestic and general for some time. My last washer failed after only a short time and the repairs were going to take some time so after complaining to the old CEO of Domestic and General after being left without a washer dryer for a long time I was actually surprised they wrote my machine off and gave me a new one. Excellent service in the end I thought but as my new washer is just over 2 years old, a Zanussi brand, it has failed again. I telephoned Domestic and General over the weekend and was given a repair number to ring. I rang the repair number (being electrolux) and they are only open Office Hours on weekdays so if your appliance fails at the weekend I just cannot understand the customer repair line at domestic and general advertising 365 days. Very misleading!!! Finally I get through to Electrolux on the Monday and was told a repair man would be out on the Wednesday. I told them the bearing had gone so they knew roughly my problem. When the repair man arrived he spun the drum by hand and confirmed the bearings had gone and proceeded to take apart my washer dryer and told me not to use it (I couldn't anyway as he'd dismantled everything) and he rang through to parts. I had already checked my part on Zanussi website but was told the earliest it could arrive was near on two weeks later. I was shocked that this was obviously the same service as I got two years previous but then was assured it was not the norm. I then did the same thing and emailed the NEW CEO of the company who just could not care less how we as paying customers were being treated. He just passed my complaint over and I was called by a lady who informed me that parts need to sourced and often they have to be shipped ftom abroad. I told her zanussi had my part on next day delivery and could not understand how I was expected to be without a washer dryer (I don't drive and have a family) for two weeks during this weather. She did not care less, she just said she'd send a letter out and I could take my complaint to the new consumer ombudsman service. I then googled domestic and general Insurance and apparently the Financial Ombudsman were in a dispute with them whereby domestic and generalv were stating that there service was not an insurance, it was an extended warranty so complaints were to be dealt with under the consumer ombudsman. This was obviously a cheaper option for them as complaints through FOS cost them more. I really would not ever give this firm any more money. They know the law inside out and their new CEO actually has no interest whatsoever in consumers or how they are treated. He is just there to allow the ripping off of customers and does not want to know anything other than how much profit his firm is making. I have now tried to make a complaint exercising my consumer rights as my washer should have lasted longer than two years before failing and after emailing through zanussi website I have been answered by Domestic and general which seems unfair as it's a completely different matter but I shall now take this further. Everyone has these statutory rights but zanussi seem to have dismissed mine. Please, I urge everyone, don't waste your money. READ up on honest unbiased reviews of this firm. There are hardly any good ones. They actually mislead people and this needs stopping, I will now do all I can do to make others aware of this and believe me, this new CEO really does not care.

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