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Boiler issue / safety

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Mark Cordingley


Boiler issue / safety

Complaint about A Shade Greener

We had a issue with our boiler pressure rising all the time this happened after a so called service I rang the company on a number of occasions and was told every time to drain the radiators we had no hot water or proper heating for 9 days the outside temperature at this time was below freezing this was pointed out to them in the end I contacted another company and asked if what I was doing was correct and I was told it was a waist of time I contacted the company again and told them what I was told they then contacted the boiler manufacturer who called me to make a appointment to come out when the engeneer turned up in told him it had just had a service to my amazement he informed me that it had never been serviced yet when he was at my property I contacted a shade greener and asked how many times it has been serviced they said twice the engeneer said not at all this is also in his report so my next action is to have both companies in court and see who is telling porkies both companies have been informed of my intention is will keep you advised

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A Shade Greener | 18/04/2017 14:39 | VERIFIED

Hi, Could you please contact the office to get this resolved. You can either call us on 08453012342 or email us at [email protected] Thanks

Mark Cordingley | 24/04/2017 16:23

Hi phoned you today was told you know nothing about this matter had a independent engineer inspect the boiler he also said it's never been serviced yet you still say it has how can two engineers be wrong I will also contact kent trading standards regarding this matter as I take boiler safety very seriously something that you seem not to

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