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Complaint about Shpock

I have a few items that i want to sell, and some items that i have got are in more than one size example : brand new pyjamas Sizes small, large etc. And people are reporting me. I have 21 sales on sphock and they think im a business, so they've suspended my account. I thought there T&C were for everyone, so why is some people are actually running a private business example - hampers made to order (you tell the seller what you want) they add there business email address, Facebook accounts. They can download pictures from other websites and sphock are happy for these people to do what they want. And for people like me who have items that they want to sell get there's account suspended. The sphock team need to look through there sight and see where im coming from. What makes this confusing they don't actually tell you why they just copy and paste there T&C to you, you ask questions it's like they reply using a script that's in front of them. I think sphock needs to make it clear to everyone

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Shpock Team | 27/03/2017 15:18 | VERIFIED

Hi We are sorry to hear this. Please contact us via email ( or in a private message on Facebook or Twitter and we will look into it for you. Many Thanks Your Shpock Team

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