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Disgusting Customer Service again!!!!!!!



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Patricia Short


Disgusting Customer Service again!!!!!!!

Complaint about ACHICA

I have been a customer of ACHICA for quite some time, that ends today. I have put up with so much bad service, item missing from order, orders not turning up and a regular problem is their terrible description of items!! colours are regularly not what they state. In February I ordered two sets of two completely different cushions. One set was faux fur cream and the other was meant to be grey velvet but was in fact brown. The brown cushions arrived first emailed them about the colour (they obviously do not believe their customers) as I had to send them photographs of the cushions next to something which was grey to prove my point. They were eventually collected and I received a refund. But you as the customer are put through all this just because of there incorrect descriptions. Then the second part of the order arrived for Cream Polar faux fur cushions, but one of them had a filthy black mark on it. Again I have to take photographs, i asked if they could be collected with the 'grey' cushions. I was informed that this item was no longer available and could I dispose of THEM, I was very surprised so I asked again. This time a woman phoned and stated that they would not be collected so please dispose of them, she asked if they were both damaged I stated no only one, but an odd cushions is not what I required. She accepted this but again told me to dispose of them. The refund showed on my account very quickly for them, but is for only one cushion. I have emailed them all the details four times the first email was completely ignored and the further replies have just avoided answering the problem. I some times feel that because they know they do not have to speak to us unless they choose too they can get away with it.

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