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Nightmare customer journey

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Elizabeth Miller


Nightmare customer journey

Complaint about

Firstly there was an attempt to deliver the bed with no prior notice. This in spite of the fact that I sent them a detailed email explaining that the bed had been bought for my daughter who is invalided severely by diabetes and the attendant illnesses, that she could not walk without the aid of a stick or her walker, added to which she suffers from social anxiety and has a personality disorder. With all of this in mind I asked that they give me notice of intended delivery date and also that I be given a 3 hour time frame to allow me to get over to Worthing, where my daughter lives, from Brighton so that I would be with her when the delivery was made. The delivery person was insisting that she take the bed and he would take the bed she was using for £50. A) She has no money other than her benefits B) She thought she was being attacked and had a hypo - and to cut a long story short I had to get someone in to look after my daughter. This took place on a Sat morning. I phoned the contact number I was given several times but was unsuccessful. Sunday I finally managed to get through to them. They were very sorry and the bed would be delivered by the following weekend. Very clearly went over arrangement again ' yes the bed would definitely be with my daughter by the following weekend. By the Saturday - no bed. I phoned again after three attempts got through I was told I would be getting a call on the Sat evening to give me a delivery time for the Sunday I did not get a phone call on Saturday evening and the bed was not delivered on Sunday - the driver had broken down on the motorway and there would be no delivery on the Sunday. By this time and because I was given a definite delivery promise, I had had my daughters old bed removed and she now had nowhere to sleep save the couch. I am now furious and make my displeasure known to the operative who then says sorry about that we will take £19 off your bill. Now I am livid , I said apart from the distress your company has caused my daughter, that does not even cover the phone calls. Well that's all I can give you he replied. He promised the bed would be delivered between 12 noon and 16.00 hours and it would be a two man delivery so that I had some assistance with putting it up. By the way I also have a few health problems and have just had my 78th birthday. The bed finally arrived at 16.10 with one man who I had to persuade to take over the threshold of my daughters door and I was left to put the bed together myself. I had no choice as my daughter had already gone without her bed and was suffering more pain because of this. This was a very strenuous thing for me and the result was two days in bed exhausted. It doesn't end ther, the bed had no provision for setting up the headboard and there were no instructions or advice to go with it. So all I could manage to do was put both bits of the divan base together and by sheer willpower heave the mattress on. Since then a friend has been and secured the base and someone else has offered to fix my daughters headboard That was on Monday of last week and the last communication I had with the company was with a Lady named Amy she did try to be very helpful and said she would speak to her manager to see what could be done and agreed that we ( my daughter and myself) had had a dreadful customer journey. I was to get back to her with any further details and photos if pos. From Monday afternoon I have tried and tried to make contact with this company My 'call has been in a queue' several times a day listening to insufferable , suicide inducing music with periodic ringing for half an hour at a time. I finally gave up and sent an email, then another email, then another email then ... this has gone on all week Saturday morning I received a call from Premier Deliveries to inform me that they were just about to change my daughters bed. I told the person on the phone that was not possible this is one of her times for sleep and/or rest. He wanted me to send him a text so that he could show the company I would not let him deliver or indeed take away. I complied with his request and sent him a text but took the opportunity of including my email content of complaint. I later, much later finally heard a voice. I politely asked to speak with the manager. The response was oh! and back to music and no contact. Someone had obviously made a decision independently and assumed their would be no need for consultation with the customer and it was after this 'last straw' that I felt I had to complain Kind regards Elizabeth Miller

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