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Complaints to iD Mobile

Complaint about iD Mobile

Here are my complaints to iD Mobile: (1) Poor reception, over a year now I had contract with them, the reception of the mobile signal has not improved. In particular to my workplace; it is near non-existence. This has caused me a lot of stress and inconvenience. (2) iD Mobile is unable to let customer choose a convenient direct debit date in the month. And if I have to change it myself by paying online month by month, they charge me £3.50 each time. I believe this is unfair treatment and "day light robber". (3) Difficult customer service: I have called the customer service 6 times in the past, here are my experiences: (3a) The first time I called, I was asking to hold and waiting to transfer to another department, waited 45 minutes, my phone line got cut off. (3b) The 2nd time, I called, waited about 30 minutes, the customer service answered the phone and told me there is problem with their IT system, hence asked me to call again (3c) The 3rd and 4th time, I called again, hold for 1 hour 15 minutes, still holding and unable to speak to anyone. (3d) The fifth time I called, the customer service gave me wrong information (3e)The sixth time I called, their company had the IT problem again. This time I hold for 20 minutes and someone from customer service said someone will call me back later during the day (this never happened) (4)Then I started emailing iD Mobile instead of wasting time to call. Their customer service do not reply to all emails I have sent them. I still have some emails responds missing from them. Until to-date my problems listed above still not being resolved. And because I cannot take it anymore, this has been causing me a lot of health issues. I have then asked to terminate my contract according to Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 - Poor service and "lost faith" in iD mobile. They demand a termination fee of £321.21 from me. Do not have business with this mobile company. Stay away from iD Mobile. They have very rude customer service and day light robber!

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