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Claire Harrison


Bus services

Complaint about Go North East

I am a frequent user of publoc transport and i am finding the service provided by go north east to be appalling. Not only are the buses always late the professionalism of the bus drivers is disgraceful. I have often been waiting for a bus and despite it already being late bus drivers are either stood talking to other bus drivers or smoking or even sat behind the wheel reading the paper. Also quute often buses are going at sucj a speed that when turning corners they can hit the curb or suddenly have to stop jolting passengers forward quite harshly. I am very surprised a crash hasnt occured. As i am unable to drive duebto medical reasons i habe to rely on public transport to get to work and for various others reasons. I would appreciate a response to this email and a change im the service provided

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Go North East | 29/03/2017 09:16 | VERIFIED

Hi Claire - we can certainly investigate any specific responses that you may have experienced. If you want to get in touch using one of the methods on this link. Thanks https://www.gonortheast.co.uk/contact/

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