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Wren Kitchen mis-measurement & Poor customer services

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Wren Kitchen mis-measurement & Poor customer services

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

We visited the Huddersfield showroom at the end of January and arranged for a measurer to come out and take a look at the kitchen. We then visited the store again and had a meeting with Joe, kitchen designer. We ordered the kitchen and agreed a delivery day of the 3rd of March. Due to the complexities of the space, we discussed having a second measurer out to double check. The second measurer got a different set of measurements so, on Joe's advice, we decided to wait until the plasterer had finished the walls for a re-measure. Joe assured us he would get the kitchen out to us ASAP so we weren't overly held up by the 3rd measure. Unfortunately the earliest date available for our kitchen to be delivered was the 24th of March which has left us without a kitchen for 3 weeks longer than planned - quite a stretch for a family with two children under the age of three. My partner took the day off work on the 24th of March but the kitchen didn't arrive. Not a big problem but certainly an inconvenience. It came the following day. One item was missing (a curved corner unit), again not a big problem but not great. The kitchen fitter, who has already been messed around somewhat due to the previous date change arrived yesterday morning. After a few hours we got a call from him saying there are quite a few problems: - a faulty drawer runner. - the tower unit supplied is totally unfit for the space. The kitchen fitter says it's appalling kitchen design (to add to that, the door opens the wrong way) Plus it is not at all like to one on the picture of our kitchen; it is too short by quite a way and not at all what I was expecting. This is an issue I had raised with Joe every time we spoke, and for which he had constantly reassured me. - and one measurement (a straight wall) has been inaccurately measured by 300mm, resulting in a huge gap between the fridge and units. This significant mis-measurement affects the wall units as well as the base units. - we have been sent out the wrong cabinet doors!!!! - our kitchen fitter adds that one shelf per base unit is extremely stingy and that he will never recommend wren kitchens again. After an inconclusive conversation with Joe yesterday, we are left with no idea where we stand. The kitchen fitter arrived this morning and he can't proceed with the job until things are clarified. We paid him for a day's work yesterday and his time this morning, much of the work he has done will have to be re-done, at a considerable cost to ourselves. The fitter and I have spoken to customer services this morning. It was a very distressing conversation and they are taking the line that this is entirely our responsibility, even the wrong doors! We are both totally appalled, this a serious customer service malfunction. We have arranged a meeting with Joe at the showroom tomorrow, another day off, another day wasted and still we have no idea when we will have a kitchen and I have been told that we will have to pay for any new/extra units required. I am deeply concerned by these problems and this has been compounded by very poor customer services.

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Wren Kitchens | 28/03/2017 16:07 | VERIFIED

Hi Kaye, I have responded to your Trustpilot review. Regards, Adam

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