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Moving service to new house.

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Malgorzata Ansah


Moving service to new house.

Complaint about Virgin Media

I became a Virgin Media customer in December 2016 - 12 months contract. Upon signing the contract the information given to us by a salesman were clear that moving my services will be entirely straightforward as we knew at that point that we will be moving houses in few months time. That was the only reason why we decided to sign up the contract - moving houses and services will be easy and hassle free. Today I phoned Virgin Media to inform them that I am moving houses next week and to arrange transferral of services as the new place is already cabled by Virgin an all I have to do is to plug the devices and ring customers service to activate the code I will be sent . Having intended to remain with Virgin I was shocked and upset to be told that Virgin would be unable to provide the same services to my new address for the same price I am paying at the moment and I would have to pay a severance fee of 240 GBP if I decide to terminate the contract. At the moment my monthly bill with Virgin is 30 GBP and under new offer I was offered the same package for "just" 120 GBP. It looks like I am gonna be penalised for willing to stay Virgin customer under different address but do not understand why Virgin decided to change my contract agreement when moving houses ? I was assured by their salesman that moving houses means just moving TIVO boxes and the HUB and my contract will remain as it is - which clearly was not true. Best regards M.Ansah

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Neil Ellis | 15/08/2017 09:58

report it to ofcom. they are investigating virgin for this

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