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9 Weeks to Fit a Kitchen

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John Norris


9 Weeks to Fit a Kitchen

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

We ordered a kitchen from Wrens Portsmouth, delivery date agreed, fitters agreeable, start date agreed, time to fit kitchen (8 days) agreed. Kitchen arrived on time, fitters arrived on time, and started fitting kitchen however soon ran in to problems with some of the kitchen parts, some were wrong size, some were missing, and some had missing parts. They had to stop work until the correct parts arrived. The fitters spoke to Wrens and ordered the correct parts. An email arrived saying parts would be delivered on such a date, so I waited in for them so when they arrived I could call the fitters back. When the parts arrived some were wrong, so I informed the fitters who came round had a look fitted some more and then spoke to wrens again. This happened 4 times. I now had a load of spare parts that did not fit my kitchen and were in the way, so I loaded up my car and took them to Portsmouth show room, I through them on the floor in the door way and called a manager. After some time explaining the situation he tried to call customer services. After an hour of getting no response he promised to sort it out first thing Monday morning, I got a text at 9.05 that Monday saying he had sorted it. A week later I got an email saying parts will be delivered following day, when they arrived 1 right, 1 wrong, 1 missing! So I called customer services only to be told the shelf that was missing only comes in 3/4 depth not full..this is the first I had heard of this and we are 6 weeks into fitting, so no one had told the designer or the fitters on the 4 occasions they had phoned or the store manager. It was now a week before Christmas and wrens have closed to the holidays. Come the new year I spoke to the store manager who ordered a shelf without telling them what cabinet it was going in and it duly arrived along with the clips to attach draw fronts. So after 9 weeks and a day my 8 day kitchen fit was complete. Wrens have offered me £300, even though I have explained I lost over £750 in self employed work waiting in for 5-6 days for parts. I also want to charge them £50 per day over run (39 working days). Total compensation requested £2700

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Wren Kitchens | 10/04/2017 12:01 | VERIFIED

Hi John, I have reviewed your notes and can see that you have been through our claims process. With this being the case, I am unfortunately unable to comment further. If you remain unhappy with our position, I would advise you seek further advice. Regards, Adam

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