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Mis-sold a contract

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Dan Bowen


Mis-sold a contract

Complaint about The Phone Spot

I had a call from someone whilst at work on behalf of The Carphone Warehouse. He stated that I was due an upgrade and wanted to tell me about the offer he had. I dismissed him a little as I thought there won't be anything that tickles my fancy, but conversely knew my trusty iPhone 5C was going to have it's 4th birthday later this year. He offered me a deal on the only phone I would consider, an iPhone SE 64GB in Space Grey. I regularly look online, but haven't seen a decent plan for under £30/mth. This chap said he could do me one for £29/nth so naturally I was interested. He stated it was a refurbished phone, to which I had reservations but then reassured me that the only reason it is listed as a refurb is because the phone had been rejected by another customer on its colour only and they had returned it. This sounding too good to be true I asked him to clarify, and he reiterated that the phone is the same as a new one it's just been rejected because a customer didn't like the colour, other than that no difference to a new one, or so it was insinuated. I went ahead with the upgrade and the phone arrived today, a few days after the phone call. The plastic bag that contained the phone felt like it was too light, so I cut the courier bag open to reveal a white flattish card board box. Inside this was an iPhone sellotaped to a piece of card, a plug and 1 wire, that was it nothing else. Now to The Phone Spots credit their customer service line was answered relatively promptly by English speakers of sound mental capacity and arranged for me to send it back- Of which I have. Despite their apologies this has left a bitter taste in my mouth, as I told them if I was to purchase the phone from the Apple Store I would have expected the complete kit. At the very least headphones a box, the little prong thing to get your sim in, and some instructions. I have had to spend £8 sending it back and feel like I have been completely mis-sold. Had the offer had been significantly lower than the rest of the competitors I would concede you get for what you pay for. But when you consider The Carphone Warehouse offer the same deal on a brand new one I'm left scratching my head thinking do people really just accept this?

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Steve Allott | 06/04/2017 11:24 | VERIFIED

Hello Dan, Thanks for your reply. In order to address all points you’ve made, please call our customer service team on 01509 618 593, Monday – Friday and we’ll be able to discuss this with you. Chris | The Phone Spot Customer Support team

Dan Bowen | 07/04/2017 15:06

Sadly though we are no further forward. I was explained that your phones are not guarenteed to come with all the contents and only a plug and cable, and that this should have been explained to me at the point of sale. This was not, another example of mis selling. I said if I had just rejected it then I would accept the £8 charge to send it back, but it was not as described. What a joke.

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