Laptop issue not fixed by customer charged £60 by Currys Hayes Branch ref Jaspal SNbr 405343 - Complaint about Currys PC World - A Spokesman Said

Laptop issue not fixed by customer charged £60 by Currys Hayes Branch ref Jaspal SNbr 405343

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Elizabeth Pereira


Laptop issue not fixed by customer charged £60 by Currys Hayes Branch ref Jaspal SNbr 405343

Complaint about Currys PC World

I checked website to find out opening hours for Hayes Branch which was 9am. When turned up at store was told by Bhavana that the service engineer does not come in till 10 and said I had to wait which I did. I explained the error message that pops up each time I try to connect to the Internet and I also had a screenshot of the error message on the desktop. Another member of staff tried to take a look but was unsure so said its best to wait for the engineer and assured me that he will let me know as soon as the engineer arrives. They took my laptop and details and initially quoted £35 and when they realised I did not purchase the laptop from Currys they quoted £60. I waited for almost an hour and no one came to alert me so just before 10 I approached the counter and found the engineer myself. His name was Jas. I explained the problem with the laptop and he took and quick look and said there was a virus that he needed to remove. He also said its best I leave it with him and he will ctc me when it's ready. It was a very difficult week fir me as Mum was seriously ill in ICU so I left for the hospital. There was no news all day from Currys so I rung them and it went to a call centre and they transferred me to the Hayes branch and no one was picking the phone. I rung the call centre again and they tried ringing the Hayes branch and there was no response either. So I decided to go there myself. As I entered the shop I spoke to a gentleman at the entrance to explain the call centre has been trying to call the Hayes branch and no one is picking the phone. He did not seem interested. When I approached the counter Jas was on the phone and asked a colleague of his to do the paperwork to return me the laptop. I was under the impression it was all fixed. I had to interrupt Jas to ask if the laptop was fixed and he said he had removed the virus. Then asked if there is a problem with the Internet. I was shocked as that was the actual reason why I brought the laptop in the place. He then said that if there is any further issues I have to leave it again with them and there will be extra charges. At this point I had to leave as Mum was very ill and I could not stay to argue with him on the incompetence on his part. Sadly Mum passed away and I have been busy with the funeral the last week. Without the laptop it was a nightmare organising the funeral. No internet and Trying to print off stuff that I couldn't. I borrowed my daughters iPad. Yesterday Tuesday I rung and a gentleman called Nathaniel from your call centre Customer Care took my call. I explained the above saga to him. Again he tried to contact the Hayes branch and no one was picking up the phone. The only thing he could do was to log for someone to ring me. I tried to give him the service number on the receipt and he did not seem interested. All he said was someone will ring you from the branch and I will have to explain this whole saga again to them again. It's 11.35 am on Wednesday and there has been no call from Curry PC world Hayes Branch. I'm very disappointed that I have been charged for a fix that has not been done. I'm also very disappointed that there is no urgency on Currys part to put this right for me. I'm still waiting and in the meantime I will be publishing this in Twitter and then Watchdog on how I have been treated by the Currys of Pc world Hayes Branch. Hopefully some one will contact me now that this is on the review as I'm still without internet on my laptop. Disgusted. Mrs Elizabeth Pereira

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Elizabeth Pereira | 12/04/2017 17:32

Hi Marcus, Thanks for your response. Just to update you. It's 6.30 pm and no one from the Hayes Brach has contacted me as promised by your Call Centre yesterday. As per your request I've sent you my details by email. Appreciate a quick resolution to this. Mrs Pereira

KNOWHOW TOHELP | 13/04/2017 10:07 | VERIFIED

Thank you Elizabeth, we'll be in touch soon. - Rach

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