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Chloe Foster


Chloe Foster

Complaint about 321 Travel

I looked online and saw a holiday advertised to Benidorm for 4 nights for £257 PP - nowhere on the site did it state that this was for 4 people in one room. I rang up and said that 4 adults were travelling and requested 2 rooms, at no point in the conversation did they say that an extra room would be more. I went ahead and booked believeing that two rooms would be provided. 4 days before I am due to fly the hotel is changed (apparently to a more superior one) it wasn't until they had sent the new hotel voucher which was also wrong stating that it was 2 adults & 2 children travelling (they still haven't sent me the correct one) was when I noticed that one room had only been booked. After numerous phone calls to extremely rude staff who tried to tell me I did not request the two rooms basically calling me a liar, they then said that if an extra room was needed then we would have been charged over £300 PP, this does not make sense as should I have rang up and just booked for 2 people then the charge still would have been the £257 advertised. They add ridiculous extra charges after they have taken your card details and when you are trying to ask questions you are being rushed off the phone and told it's because they are busy! No wonder there is loss in communication among every customer. The manager was no good, not helpful and also put the phone down on me. This company is abysmal and no where near professional. Avoid it at all costs! I now have to share 1 small room with my partner and in-laws due to their error and ignorant staff. A formal complaint is going to be wrote and also a visit to Citizens Advice/Trading Standards.

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Chloe Foster | 07/06/2017 12:14

YES FOR 2 PEOPLE! I'm not going book another room for another 4 people am I!!! I have already contacted Trading Standards about this anyway so rather than you being extremely unprofessional and twisting words around I will Continue this with them.

321 Travel | 07/06/2017 12:28 | VERIFIED

The point being you were told per room, not per person.

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