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Appalling fraud procedure and disgusting customer service

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Appalling fraud procedure and disgusting customer service

Complaint about Barclays UK

On 16 March 2017 I reported some fraudulent transactions to Barclays and my account was pre-credited with the funds back upon agreement of fraudlent activity. I completed and returned the forms to Barclays that were required to be completed and sent them via recorded delivery. I still maintain possession of the receipt for this. On 19th April my account, without any prior notice from Barclays, was debited the amount again. This was a considerable amount at £918. When I called, Barclays maintained that they hadn't received the completed forms despite me providing proof in way of tracking reference. I also provided this to the branch who were scared to touch the case and insisted I deal directly with the fraud dept via telephone. Since then, the fraud team have been constantly transferring me between teams without anyone including team leaders and a manager taking responsibility. The state I am in at the moment means that the debited amount to the value of the fraudulent transactions has left my account overdrawn and me unable to afford to get to work, eat or pay rent. I raised a complaint with Barclays 7 days ago, no response. When I chased them today they said that a case handler had still not been assigned to the account despite the message throughout being that complaints would at least receive initial recognition within 48 hours. I have been unable to work for a week, my rent is due tomorrow which I cannot afford and when my wages go in they will be swallowed up by the unauthorised overdraft created by this fraud and Barclays incompetence. In the details provided in my complaint, I have also made the following: 6 visits to the branch 23 phone calls (6hr 50 mins)

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