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False lead time given on delivery and installation

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Kiran Mann


False lead time given on delivery and installation

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

I have been disappointed with the service I have received so far. After paying my deposit on the 1st of March 2017 I was told I would be contacted by the installation team to arrange for a fitter to come out to measure my kitchen. At this point I was given a lead time of 8-10weeks for the kitchen fitting. However nobody contacted me. The reason I chose to pay the deposit with wren was because of this lead time and I was due to have my baby soon and this timescale would mean that the work would be completed before the arrival of the baby. I contacted the installation team during week starting 13th March 2017 team 3 times and each time they were unable to put me through to installation coordinator and said some one would call me back, this did not happen. On the 15th March I arranged to come in store to make changes to the initial plans, while in store I was still told the lead time was around 8-10 weeks from this date and I should try to arrange for the fitter to come out asap so plans can be finalised. During this week I continued to contact the installation team without any luck. It was on the 21st of March that I managed to speak to an installation coordinator who then informed there are no fitters available until the 26th June 2017, 16 weeks lead time(6weeks more than suggested when I payed the deposit on 1st March) and it would be a further 2 weeks for the stone work to be installed. Had I known this was the time scale on the first of March I would not have considered making the purchase. From Paying my deposit to having a completed kitchen this was 21 weeks and would mean that I will be living in a house without a kitchen with my new born child. On the 31 March I visited the store to make my final amendments and the planner and store manager were also schocked by the waiting time I had been given, the store manager asked me to put something In writing and he would try to bring the date forward. I received a response to my email on 13 April from the manager saying that my emails as been sent to the relevant department and would be dealt with by the end of the following day. I was next contacted in early may by the store informing me that they were still working on this. On the 10th may I recieved an email from wren saying my order had been cancelled. As I was concerned I contacted the store and was told that they had to cancel my order and submit a new one to try to get an earlier installation date and there were dates available for early June and I would not lose my original installation date of 26th June if nothing else was available. I was then contacted by wren and told the installation date for 26 June had been cancelled and they could only offer end of July or August now. This would mean an 30 week wait for my kitchen which is ridiculous, as it was not idea to cancel the order and was told that I would not loose the 26th June regardless. I don't know how they seem to think this is acceptable, I have been waiting already for 14 weeks, I would not recommend using wren to anyone I know. The error has been made by the teams at wren and lack of communication, and I am the one that is going to suffer?? This is not right, and would like this rectified as I am not in a position to start this process again, I have just given birth via a c-section and won't be mobile enough to go through this again. I thought I could rely on wren to provide the service the promised. My mother has been to visit the store and speak tot manager on behalf, the manager said he would see what he can do but I have little faith................

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Kiran Mann | 25/05/2017 20:27

My fitting still hasn't been confirmed. I am constantly being told someone will contact me by a certain time but nothing happens and I have to chase up again and again with no actual progress. This is becoming incredibly frustrating.

Wren Kitchens | 26/05/2017 15:56 | VERIFIED

Hi Kiran, The notes indicate a new fitter has been appointed, and will be in touch today. Regards, Adam

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