DPD driver signed my name and ticked that my parcel was delivered - Complaint about DPD - A Spokesman Said

DPD driver signed my name and ticked that my parcel was delivered

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Aleksandra Mucibabic


DPD driver signed my name and ticked that my parcel was delivered

Complaint about DPD

My parcel was due to be delivered between 10.32 - 11:32 yesterday. I was waiting for it in the room by the door during that time until 12:00, when I decided to check the progress online. The status was - delivered at 10.42, signed with my name. Called immediately DPD and complaint about it, especially as it was my name signed. I've spent a whole day yesterday chasing and waiting, customer services lied to me all day that the driver will come at 4.30, 5.30, 6.30 and finally a few minutes after 7 pm when I called 7th time that day I have been told that my parcel won’t be delivered to me today, as Amandip, the driver went home. Customer services were convincing me all day to wait and that the driver will go to the address he apparently delivered my parcel and bring it to me. Every time I called it was one more hour. My parcel was not only undelivered to me, but was fraudulently signed in my name and claimed that it was delivered. Today I have been chasing Amandip - driver full name to report him to the police for signing my name and stealing my parcel. Never had delivery problem with any other company - this one, worst kind from incompetent drivers to incompetent customer services....

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Andy Webb | 29/05/2017 11:48 | VERIFIED

I'm very sorry about this. One of the team will be in touch very soon

Aleksandra Mucibabic | 29/05/2017 12:05

No need - people who were in possession of the parcel came around and delivered my parcel. They told me that your driver just left the parcel and since they were away they decided to bring the parcel themselves asap, they didn't trust driver second time around and didn't want to communicate with you. So it looks like that we can organise ourselves better then company who charges money for this.

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