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Dishonest drivers fabricating stories

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Dishonest drivers fabricating stories

Complaint about DPD

AVOID - DISHONEST DELIVERY DRIVERS ... totally dishonest company. 5 minutes after seeing a notification that an attempted delivery had been made to our home and a card left, we called to say no delivery was made and we had no card, children were playing in the garden and CCTV showed nothing, the evidence given by the driver was a photo of HIS ARM!!! The story was then changed and we were then told that he could not get to us because the roads were closed ... erm, no roads at all closed in our area at all, we had a Royal Mail registered delivery within 5 minutes of the said road closures and customers were coming and going at the same time of the supposed road closure. Was then told that we'd get a delivery after 2pm, just called at 4:30 after waiting in all day to be told that we are getting no delivery and would have to wait in the next day. Totally useless service, too many blatant lies and misleading information being given to customers. Very disappointing in this day and age that a company would be so complacent and have such dishonest staff working in the front line of customer service. Certainly won't use this company or companies that deal with them in the future unless we have zero choice. Even Yodel don't fabricate stories about road closures!!! Had to waste almost 2 hours going to pick the parcel from the depot, where attention to customer service was again customer service was disgraceful. very much got the impression, we've got your parcel so we already have your money so we can treat you how ever you wish.

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sarah thornton | 31/05/2017 21:09

As usual, a fob off responce. The parcel had a COMPLETE address on it, this is yet another and DIFFERENT fabrication from the other stories we had. 1) We were out, 2) When it was pointed out that there was no van that came onto the CCTV, the reason given was "The road was closed" 3) now ... the address wasn't on the parcel properly. I guess this just goes to show what a joke DPD is!

sarah thornton | 31/05/2017 21:11

We certainly WILL NOT be using DPD services again. On a public complaint more new fabrications join ones which were given over the phone. It wasn't being flexible going to the depot, it was a realization that we could not afford to spend another day out of the office awaiting for a parcel which is going knock on doors that dont exist and travelling down non existent closed roads.

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