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OverPromised, OverCharged and UnderDelivered

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Tracy Dyster


OverPromised, OverCharged and UnderDelivered

Complaint about viagogo

My mother turns 80 this year and as a special treat I purchase 5 tickets to Cirque du Soleil. I googled the tickets and the site that came up was Viagogo. It stated that it guaranteed satisfaction and appeared to be a legitimate ticket site. I selected the day we wanted to go to the show and the site showed that there was only 5 tickets left and was flashing that there were only 1% of the tickets still available. Because I did not want my mother to miss out and it was the best day for us to go, I selected the Upper Tier for seating location. The site stated that this was the most popular section and that the seats would be the best in the section. Because the location of the seats was my main concern due to my mothers age I was happy with this. I went through with the transaction, somewhat hurriedly because the site was indicating that the tickets were in hot demand and there were only a limited number left. Once the transaction had gone through I realised I did not know where the seats actually were. I thought this would come through when the order was placed but it did not. Somewhat concerned, I contacted Viagogo almost straight away. At first I only received back the stock standard answer to the FAQ. I persevered and finally someone actually seemed to read my email. Viagogo stated that they did not know where the seats would be. I question this as they had stated on their site that the location was the most popular and the seats would be the best in the section. There were some more emails, a lot more from me than them as they chose not to respond to most of my emails. Eventually they responded "In almost all event venues the upper tier is considered as premium seating as you have a clear view down over the main stage." I received the e tickets ( a lot earlier than I expected I must admit), and the first thing I did was check the seat location. The seats I have been given are on the side of the tier and way up the back. In no way could these seats be described as the most popular or premium. Then I looked at the face value of the tickets - $76.73 - which meant these were the cheapest tickets, in the least favourable location at the venue. I went back to Viagogo for a explanation and some sort of resolution as there is no way I would have bought the tickets if I had known where the seats were actually located. Again there was the lack of response or a stock standard reply to my emails. Some of the responses were just ludicrous, such as telling me that they had a world class courier service - my tickets came via email! They continued to claim that all purchases were final and that my only option was to re-list the tickets with them to sell - so that they could get another mug to pay their exorbitant booking fees. I have emailed them a few times since then but have had my emails blocked or unanswered. At present I am not sure what I will do with the tickets. We would have to travel a fair distance to get to the venue and I do not want to put my mother through all that just to be disappointed at the show because of the poor location of the seats. I paid nearly $800 nzd for tickets that are the worst at the venue, more than double what the tickets are actually worth I have since gone back onto their site, oh, and big surprise, there are still tickets available and they are still claiming they are about to sell out. Pure fiction.

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