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Deceptive Sales and Repair Service

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Shafon Miah


Deceptive Sales and Repair Service

Complaint about Currys PC World

We purchased a HP laptop which was already under 12 months warranty but they included a promotional offer of a customer support service free for one month. Although totally unnecessary we thought nothing of it because the laptop was already covered for 12 months and we paid only for the price of the laptop not any additional charge for their promotional offer. We did not ask for this promotional free offer nor wanted it. Recently we have discovered a charge of £6.50 that has been taken from our account on a monthly basis from the month we bought the laptop. We find this to be extremely deceptive salesmanship and wholly unacceptable. The laptop we bought has had one consistently major fault from the time we bought it. The WiFi does not work properly. Every time we have taken it in for repair we get told different things. Every time the WiFi goes down we are asked to reset the computer which wipes everything off so we are left with no data. Then finally due to vigorously complaining it was sent to the repair service (Knowhow), this was a complete waste of time because they just did a reset and 'tightened a few screws' (their words on the repair report). After a complete communications breakdown between the store and the repair department we did finally get our laptop back several weeks later with the WiFi working. A month later the WiFi does not work again. We have sent it back to be repaired but I fear they will only do a reset which will only last for a few weeks and we will be back to square one again. After speaking to a member of the store repairs management team who told me that he encounters this issue across the board, so it is not specific to my computer. He said that it was an issue with the windows 10 operating system rather than a hardware fault since by resetting the computer the WiFi works. Whatever the real fault with the computer it is one that cannot be fixed permanently, therefore the computer is faulty and should be identified as such and our money reimbursed. I have called the customer services people and they just give me the run around saying they can't authorise this some one else has to, but no one seems to know who it is that can sort this out. We are persevering with this but lesson for anyone considering to buy anything from this store please be very very careful what you buy and what hidden services you are charged for without your authorisation. The repair service is absolutely awful too. I don't think we will be shopping there again.

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KNOWHOW TOHELP | 30/05/2017 09:52 | VERIFIED

Hi Shafon, I'm sorry to hear about your recent experience with your laptop and that you have been charged for an unwanted payment. So I can investigate and help further, please email me your full name, address, postcode, contact number to [email protected] and put ref SPK142 in the subject bar. Thanks.- AK

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Shafon Miah | 15/06/2017 10:31

PC World refuse to accept any fault with the computer and will not resolve the issues. Definitely never shopping there again. Be warned!

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