Booked in car for replacement rear brake pads told I needed calipers as well - Complaint about Kwik-Fit - A Spokesman Said

Booked in car for replacement rear brake pads told I needed calipers as well

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Booked in car for replacement rear brake pads told I needed calipers as well

Complaint about Kwik-Fit

Hi I rang Kwik fit in April to book my car in for replacement rear brake pads. Firstly I was questioned by a very loud and abrupt lady asking me how I knew that my brake pads needed doing.I explained that my car had been serviced and MOT week before the reason for contacting Kwik fit is I have a life time guarentee. My car was booked in on the 21st April 2017. I arrived at the branch in Bristol and was met by the lady I spoke to on the telephone. No change to her attitude I was given the impression that she didn't care. I was told that the car will be inspected but I explained I knew that my rear brakes needed replacing she shrugged and took my keys said she would call me in 2 hours. 2 hours passed I called the branch and was told by the same lady that she was just writing out a quote. Quote I replied..... yes you need break discs and calipers... I returned to the branch and was told I needed this work. I tried to say that I didn't need the work on my car. She replied you do I've seen your calipers and they are leaking. I tried to explain but was told in a loud and abrupt manner she had seen them.. That's not possible!!!!! Then she replied they have seized.. have they seized or are they leaking. No answer. She then replied I am (we) are refusing to replace my brake pads. I asked to see the mechanic. She went off and returned a few mins later and said the mechanic is busy if I could wait 5 mins he'll come and explain. I then went on to say to this lady that approximately 1 year ago I brought my car in for a new rear tyre which was replaced and was told the I needed new calipers as mine were leaking and new discs. They gave me a quote for the work to be carried out around £450.00 I didn't have the money to have this work done this really upset me. I took my car for its MOT a week later to my local garage and was waiting for the bad news. My car passed......... Couldn't believe it.......No leaking calipers or problems with my discs. I didn't tell the garage as I wanted them to find the problems. They didn't find anything wrong. I didn't complain to Kwik fit as this was a one off and in the past I have always had good service from them. After 10/15 mins I approached the desk and asked for my car keys and the report of the work needed to repair my car. She refused to give me the report/ quote and said this is the company's copy. I had to take my car to another company and have my brake pads replaced there was no sign of my calipers leaking/seized. This has caused a lot of distress and now I am out of pocket and also lost my life time guarentee. On the 16th May I complained to Kwik fit through there web on comments page. I had a response to say thank you for your feedback your message is receiving our attention. Is this Kwik fits way of making money from customers with life time guarentee. Thank you.

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