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Been without dishwasher for 6 weeks

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David Forrest


Been without dishwasher for 6 weeks

Complaint about Currys PC World

Absolutely abysmal service after product bought. Dishwasher stopped heating the water so we had 5 visits to remedy the problem, 4 x parts fitted and I requested it be written off after the 4th visit the dishwasher failed again after 1 use. No phone call as I was advised, so I had to ring them up and find out what was happening. Told I couldn't get another that day because it was only put on the system that day so we went the next day and ordered a new one. That arrived but upon installing it, dirty water came out of it and it smelt fusty inside and there were dirty marks all over it, grease marks on the back of it, so I rang (Saturday evening at 7:45) and arranged a replacement to be delivered and installed on Tuesday. At 8:30 I got a text that they were delivering it Sunday morning between 7:25 and 11:25. The engineer arrived and checked the new one with me, but didn't have the job to install it. I rang and complained and rearranged installation for today. I got a text that it would be between 1:20 and 5:20. It got to 4:45 and I'd not heard anything so rang to make sure they were still coming and was told that they'd already been and a woman refused them entrance and the place was filthy. I explained I'd had no phone call or anything and nobody has been and we wouldn't turn them away because we've been without a dishwasher for nearly 6 weeks now. I asked to speak to a manager 3 times and each time was told it's not possible because there's only 1 manager in. After lengthy discussion, I got a 2nd complaint logged and was assured that a manager would call me, I requested it before 12 and she said she'd pass the information to the manageress after the call. So as it stands, no rebook of service as I'm disgusted with their engineers (only 1 been really any good trying to sort it) and I'm going to seek compensation for a full day waiting in at home for nobody to turn up. I'm waiting for a phone call from their manager today and requested it be before noon as it's my wife's birthday today.

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David Forrest | 07/06/2017 08:57

Although the situation got worse, we were fairly satisfied with the resolution

David Forrest | 07/06/2017 09:00

The cheek of the engineer to say he'd knocked so hard on the door it nearly broke is a blatant lie and to say our house was dirty and filthy made me angry and the engineer couldn't be bothered to wait until I found out where the water tap for the pipe was and he suggested I get the builder to come and turn it on. He didn't even know what work was needed! People like that don't deserve jobs!

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