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drop off charges

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drop off charges

Complaint about Stansted Airport

i want to know how stansted airport can justify any charge for drop off and pick up of passengers at the airport. most of us are there less than a minute. These passengers have to get there somehow to get their flights and if it wasnt for the fact they are using the airport for that purpose why would they go there anyway. It is a total rip off and stansted know they can get away with it. If i didnt have to go there i most certainly wouldnt. They do not need to charge to drop and pick passengers up its just a way of making more money out of people that have to go there. This will probably not get a response as these people feel they they dont have to reply and if they do it will be with some lame excuse , their attitude is not for customer service just to line their pockets at the expense of people having to use the airport.

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