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Tenant Saver (hardly!)

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Louise Norris


Tenant Saver (hardly!)

Complaint about Spark Energy

We moved into a 2 bed flat in Salford on 7.6.16. The letting Agent recommended Spark good and cheapest supplier. We now know Spark pay a fee to Agents that sign up tenants and we are very unhappy and unsettled by this. At the outset Spark Electric gave us an estimated annual usage and costs to be in the region of £580 pa. On this basis Spark requested £53.00 pm which we paid by DD. In October Spark advised we should increase the DD to £111.55 to allow ‘for the more expensive winter months’. Spark had told us that by paying £111.55 this would cover the consumption more than adequately and we would be given a credit at the end of the tenancy. Our tenancy finishes on 6/6/17 so on 2nd May 2017 we read the meter but were horrified to receive Spark’s ‘statement’ saying the charges up to the end April amounted to £1,741.58!!! How this can possibly be correct when we have been paying £111.55 for a tiny 2 bedroom apartment when one of us is out of work all day 7am – 10pm and the other has not been there for 3 months? Where did Spark get the £111.55 figure from and the usage figures if they hadn't read the meter? And if they knew we were underpaying how come no-one from Spark got in touch to warn us? Do Spark purposely leave consumers to get to the end of their tenancy before issuing them with a bill? No other energy supplier would allow a consumer to go through 12 months without sending them an accurate bill. Take EoN for example: their guys come to my parents’ home every month to read their meter so there are genuinely ‘no surprises’ when the bill arrives. Reading the complaints sent in by others it seems common practice for Spark to target tenants with promises of ‘predictable monthly amounts throughout the year, so there are no nasty surprises’ lulling people into a false sense of security, thinking they are paying for their electric usage and keeping ahead of their bills, when in reality Spark is waiting to drop a huge bill onto them. It is clear their so called, “Tenant Saver” tariff is nothing but a con not a saver!! This (variable) tariff ranging from 14.50 to 15.9 p per unit is overpriced compared to the other suppliers and other energy suppliers give preferential rates and discounts to Direct Debit customers. We have not received a single invoice apart from a statement sent on 2nd May showing the new balance owing to be £913.27. By this late stage it is too late for us to find out why the electric has cost so much or even to change supplier. We have asked Spark to check whether the meter is accurate but Spark have refused unless we pay them to come out to check it. We have been waiting for Spark to send out the forms they promised weeks ago so we could read the meter each day and advise what appliances are on so they can assess usage compared to the meter reading. Spark have been rude over the phone when we have phoned to query the bill and have put the blame of us. We feel Spark have deliberately lulled us into a false sense of security that we were getting a good deal. We are distraught to find our electricity has cost £1,741.58 for 47 weeks occupation up to end April and we still have 2 months additional bills until we move out on 6 June. We have no means of paying this outrageous bill and are genuinely so stressed about this debt that has emerged from nowhere.

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Jenny Veitch | 05/06/2017 07:25 | VERIFIED

Hi Louise I'd be happy to look into this for you. Can you please email [email protected] with confirmation of your full name and supply address with postcode? It would be great if you could also confirm your move in meter readings and your current meter readings. Kind regards Jenny Customer Relations Manager

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