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First Choice - Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort and Spa

Complaint about First Choice

Please find below a list of our complaints: 1. Upon arriving at the hotel on (Monday 1st May) we were made to wait to check in for 45 minutes after a long flight and security in Cancun airport. 2. As we checked in we were told by the receptionist that our room was not normally booked by people on their honeymoon and it would cost £280 to upgrade, he said this in front of other guests and left my wife and I embarrassed and apprehensive at what awaited us. 3. Our luggage was left outside the lobby with other guest’s luggage and they asked us to get on a golf buggy to take us to our room and our luggage would arrive separately. My wife asked how they would identify which luggage belonged to us, following my wife’s concerns the member of staff quickly scribbled our room number on our luggage tag. 4. We arrived in our room (2725) with no luggage and immediately noted a strong smell of wet damp in the room and my wife who suffers with Asthma was quite concerned. The room was most definitely not as described “5-star premium” please see attached photos in reference to this. 5. After 1 hour of waiting our luggage had still not arrived and after a long flight, we wanted to freshen up and have some dinner. We called reception to enquire and they said it will be with you soon. The luggage arrived around 15 minutes later. 6. On the next morning, (Tuesday 2nd May), we awoke to find a cockroach in our room, we headed down to the bottom of our block to meet our concierge, we were to find some other guests who has just checked in for a wedding from Canada very upset that they had just gone into their room to find other guests in the room and in the bed. This did not reassure us that the security of our personal belongings was safe as the reception had mistakenly given a room key to other guests to a room which was already occupied. 7. We continued for the next few days to find the room not only smelt damp but felt damp too. 8. There was a storm on (Wednesday 3rd May) in the evening and we were without power for around 5 minutes. We went to the lobby section of our block of rooms to find lots of guests not knowing what to do and concerned about getting to the buffet for dinner. There were no staff members around and a large number of golf buggies were driving past us and families with hungry children, the golf buggy drivers were saying we cannot stop there is a wedding. 9. After waiting with other guests, we all decided to brave the bad weather to try to get some food and drink as we felt very much stranded without any other options. We walked back in to our room to change in to some more suitable clothes to find that the floor was soaking and huge leak from what looked to be a reinforced section of the ceiling with new plaster. 10. Please see videos/pictures in reference to this, the water was running in to the electrical sockets in the wall and we were very frightened about what could possibly occur because of this risk of water/electric mixing. We spoke with other guests in our block to see if they had a leak as we were on floor 2. No one else in our block had any leak so we knew this couldn’t be because of the storm. 11. My wife phoned the reception and asked to speak with a manager, she was transferred to a night manager and my wife stated that we had a leak near the electrics and this was dangerous and we were concerned for our safety. To which the lady replied “What do you want me to do about it?”. My wife said “we need you to move us as this is not safe and we are worried”. The lady said “I will not move you but I will send someone to look at the leak when I can”. At no point did we receive any apology or empathy or reassurance to our worries or concerns. 12. After around 15 minutes, to which the water was still flowing we saw a worker outside our room and he came in and looked did not speak English but radioed colleagues and left. 13. A maintenance man arrived who asked us where the leak was in the toilet, to which we explained the room has a leak in the ceiling. He was very shocked radioed for more help and stood on the sofa bed and pushed open the reinforced cut out in the ceiling and water gushed out everywhere. My wife grabbed our belongings out of the way otherwise these would have been destroyed. The maintenance man took out a plastic container full to the brim of bright green water which was clearly stagnant and responsible for the damp smell in the room. There was clearly a pre-existing leak which had not been fixed just botched. 14. My wife telephoned reception and told the night manager lady again that we did not want to stay in this room and was concerned for our health and that we could not use the electric sockets as water was inside them. The night manager argued that she would not move us and my wife asked the maintenance operative to talk to her on the phone to which he agreed and explained that this was dangerous and we could not stay in the room. 15. The night manager said that she only provide us a room with two single beds and we did explain that it was our honeymoon and we had paid for a queen-size bed, but she said this was only what she could give us. We packed our bags and cleaners came in the room pushing water around our bags and feet so we had to literally stand on the stairs with our luggage not knowing what to do. Again, no apology or reassurance. 16. A staff member arrived on buggy around 30 minutes later and he threw our bags in to a wet golf buggy and drove us to our new room (2528) and we were left to go in ourselves. The room was dirty and not satisfactory damp and mouldy (See attached photos) 17. We got in to the room around 9.45pm, and rushed to the buffet to have dinner only to arrive at 9.55 to be told the buffet was shut and that we couldn’t have food. 18. We arrived back to the room and the night reception manager called us and asked If the room was okay we told her we were not happy and that we were very upset at how we had been treated and that no one was concerned for our health and safety or belongings. That we were in a room that wasn’t suitable or what we had paid for. She stated that she had “compensated us enough with a partial sea view” we explained we did not care about the view we wanted a clean room that we could share a bed with that was 5 star what we had paid for. We also mentioned we had no dinner and again she was not concerned, we said we would be speaking with Thomson in the morning. 19. We ordered room service from a minimal menu when arrived it was inedible, please see attached photos. 20. After a very unsettling night in which myself and my wife couldn’t even share a bed we got up early to visit Thomson. (Thursday 4th May) We arrived at the desk at 9.00am, queued and spoke with a member of staff called M****. Although he was apologetic he did not officially write anything down on paper and we did not feel the complaint was handled in the correct manner. He advised us to return to the desk in exactly 2 hours 30 minutes whilst he conducted investigations with the hotel. This meant we could not plan or enjoy the day as we knew we had to return to the desk further to try to resolve our issues. 21. We arrived in the area a little earlier and sat down in eye view of Mi*****, he was chatting to colleagues and we felt there was no urgency to our matter. We walked to the desk exact 2 hours 30 minutes later as we were asked and Miguel stated again he was sorry and that he we would probably be moved but we were not to tell anyone that he had told us. He also advised that Thomson would look at ways to compensate us. He then advised we would have to go back to our room pack our bags and leave them in the room. Walk all the way back to the main lobby with our key hand it in and request that we move rooms. We were not given any time frame nor did we have any reassurance our belongings would be safe. Who on earth would leave their bags in a room with no access to it? 22. We walked back to our room (2528) bemused worried and frustrated. We spoke to our concierge B****, who stated that what Thomson had advised us was incorrect and not procedure and that we could get the hotel staff in to trouble. 23. B**** our concierge phoned reception and they said we would have to wait 4 hours for another room that we were to pack our bags and that someone would go to our room (2528) collect our belongings and put them in a new room (2721) However they wanted us to hand our old key in before we had our new room. To which our concierge agreed would not be fair as we need a room to use the facilities we had paid for. After much discussions, they agreed to let us keep our key for our old room return to our concierge at 4pm and that Br***** would let us in to our new room. They had expected us to walk to the lobby area again which we had been to twice already that day (which is a long walk) to collect our key ,our concierge knew we had been through enough so kindly got our key for us. 24. After wasting most of the day running around and not being able to engage in activities on our honeymoon. we returned at 4pm to B**** who let us in to our new room (2721) The room was dirty and my wife got a towel to have a shower which had a disgusting bogie on it. There was also blood on the bathroom mirror. It was the final straw and my wife was in floods of tears and just wanted to go home. We felt the honeymoon had been destroyed and we were frustrated that simple things that you would expect such as a clean towel couldn’t even be delivered. 25. On (Friday 6th May) after no further correspondence from Thomson, I emailed first choice for advice in which I was advised to complete a CSF form with a rep this email was received from First choice in the evening and the Thomson desk was closed. 26. We received a phone call (Friday 6th May) in the evening from a Guest service manager for the hotel to discuss our complaint, the first member of staff who apologised for the incident I may add. My wife explained that our honeymoon was ruined we felt that we had been made to feel like an inconvenience but that water running in to electrics shouldn’t be an issue that was ignored. The manager offered us a spa treatment and an Al Carte meal. We declined as we had already had a spa treatment on the first day and we had an Al Carte meal booked for the remainder and our holiday was due to end in 2 days. We didn’t feel this was compensation as it was something we were already offered in hotel for free. 27. On (Saturday 7th May) we got up early to go to the Thomson Desk to complete a CSF form and queued for some time to speak with a rep. We spoke with Georgia who completed the CSF Form on her iPad whilst we spoke, we did not anticipate that this would take us 1 hour to complete. G**** did apologise and we explained that we did not feel M***** had given us satisfactory service and that the rooms were not 5 star. We completed this form and were told to sign at the end and that this would not be an admission to accepting any form of compensation. G**** advised she would try to do something before we leave on (Monday 9th May) 28. We had no communication from anyone from Thomson no replies to emails sent or communication for reps in resort. We went to the Thomson desk just as our coach was to leave on (Monday 9th May) at 12.15pm and asked G***** to confirm that the CSF form had been completed correctly. 29. Today (Sunday 14th May) we still have received NO correspondence from anyone at Thomson.

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Terry Lee | 09/06/2017 12:29

A spokesman Said helped us get a refund from First Choice, they do some great work and I can't recommend them enough if you need help getting compensation from a company and you are not getting anywhere. Thank you for all your help. Terry & Michelle

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