Bloor Homes build too close, ignored BS5837:2012 recommendations , and CBC planning guides GE6 - Complaint about Bloor Homes - A Spokesman Said

Bloor Homes build too close, ignored BS5837:2012 recommendations , and CBC planning guides GE6

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Bloor Homes build too close, ignored BS5837:2012 recommendations , and CBC planning guides GE6

Complaint about Bloor Homes

Note: Bloor homes have not adhered to the BS5837:2012 recommendations , and CBC planning guides GE6 and Bloor Homes own AMS (Arboricultural Mission statement) with regards to the root protection of my Damson cherry tree in my garden on the rear Boundary. This is a middle size boundary tree, where Bloor Homes are building 500mm away from my boundary and on top of the root ball which has a protection area of 5meters. Thus rendering Bloor Homes own Tree mission statement useless. Firstly the tree was missed off the approved plan , where as my neighbours tree of similar size and location was shown. My tree is a middle size tree, very noticeable and should not have been left off as it is integral to the positioning of Bloor Homes building plot 235 (1.5 metres away from my tree). I alerted Cheltenham borough council CBC regarding this matter and the tree man diffused the tree protection with a survey from the site side of the fence, where he could not possibly survey my tree with accurate and informative information, this was related to Bloor Homes as approval to continue building over the tree ball, hence creating future subsidence and killing the tree . CBC was not interested and replied to my queries with assumptions , disregarding a very well respected forestry Consultant which I had to involve. Care has not been taken in the preparation of the tree protection on Bloor Homes Development and the top soil has already been removed and roots cut into , a haulage road has been created over the Damson tree roots for the duration of the build so far, and my gate has been damaged during fencing by Bloor Homes in need of replacing. According to this British Standard and CBC's planning guide GE6, the root protection area should not be built on.......Bloor Homes have chosen to ignore this. As noted by well established forestry Consultants “the plans and proposal submitted by Bloor Homes and approved by CBC are defective , having missed and not considered a relevant and medium size boundary tree “. The Forestry Consultants Conclusion is to “Recommend losing the proposed plot 235 house , to allow retention and protection of the neighbours damson tree.” The Plot placement of 235 does not reflect that shown on the plan: 14104 L017 rev D. I have alerted Cheltenham Borough Council , Enforcement officer of this and he has visited site , agreeing it won’t fit . Bloor Homes can not fit the building in the designated Plot 235 , due to being poorly Surveyed and adding a change to their Design from a Terraced row, to Detached housing , which now collides with myself and neighbours hedges and tree. Bloor homes have tried to dispute our Boundaries to gain this access, forcing me to have my own Boundary Survey as my hedge and gate have been in my Boundary for over 25 years. I also was trying to preserve my right of way through my gate with the ”Prescriptive law” , but did not have the funds to pursue , so now my hedge has promptly been cut back by Bloor to the centreline , browning and dying , my gate has been disregarded , damaged and nailed shut by Bloor ... no apology ... Bloor building Style 82a The height of the building is 9mtrs tall.......a brick wall faces on to my garden , I have no quality of light or view. It is presumed my property is, and will be devalued as a result. (Bloor advertises the houses with a view to the hills ,well not for the existing housing it seems.) The style of 82a is meant to be of a “traditional house” but has a 3.5 metre high roof ..... why and of what purpose? I have asked planning Officer at CBC he recited distances of houses to windows ,(Not the help I was looking for).– normal procedure at the rear of gardens is new builds are of a height of a bungalow...thus easing neighbourly tension . I have suggested a lighter structure on plot 235, a single storey garage , green break out space or parking, this alleviates the pressure on my tree roots, reducing future subsidence and allows this smaller , lighter building to fit comfortably with its neighbours and onto Plot 235. My concerns so far have been diffused by Bloor Homes as irritating annoyances , but Bloor Homes have not followed protocol regarding the tree and are disregarding their own mission statement as to preparation and acknowledgement of tree roots on a Boundary. This disregard has been echoed by Cheltenham Borough Council planning Department and they have given permission to build this unnecessary structure 00mm to my Boundary. I feel due process has not been followed with Bloor Homes and CBC regarding the Planning and Approval of this building, ignoring their own rules and recommendations as to tree root protection and good practise within Design and Plot placement. I have asked for accountability and between CBC and CLLrs no- one is interested .... so be warned.......

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