Does anyone read the emails? - Complaint about Green Star Energy - A Spokesman Said

Does anyone read the emails?

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Roz Danter


Does anyone read the emails?

Complaint about Green Star Energy

I signed up for Green Star but after seeing reviews I changed my mind and informed them so by email and letter well within the cooling off period. However, they ignored all this and took over my energy anyway. So I waited in a telephone queue for 20 minutes and got someone in India who was very helpful, acknowledged it was their fault, said i would be returned to my former supplier and would not be billed for anything. Last week I noticed money had been taken from my account by Green Star so I cancelled the direct debit. That got their attention albeit not in my favour. I have sent so many emails which get an auto reply and nothing else. I refuse to wait in a queue on the phone again as I have much better things to do with my time. All I want is a reply so I know IF they are transferring my energy back and WHEN that might be.

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Greenstar Energy | 06/06/2017 11:10 | VERIFIED

Hi Roz, I would like to apologise that your request has not yet been acknowledged. If you could please provide me with your account number I can assist with this further and see where the issues lays. Thank you, MA

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