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Inappropriate valueless show

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Maria Pykett


Inappropriate valueless show

Complaint about ITV

I an fed up of a mother of having to turn the to off when Jeremy Kyle comes on with its foul headlines. This morning with 3 young children off school 2 of whom an read the headline "I had s ** a threesome with you and your mate in a public toilet" - what I ask is why? Why is this kind of program at this time of be morning allowed to be aired? Why is this program of any value to our society? What does this program bring you out communities? Jeremy Kyle as a father - what on earth do you get from publicising and discussing this kind of topic with people you generally end up making fun of. Sick, disgusting program. At a time when we are waking up to the distinction in our society and another weekend of violent terror attacks in London, surely itv can find a more worthwhile program to air than this utter rubbish. I would appreciate your response as fellow parents, citizens of a country which appears to be in turmoil at the moment and needs inspirational role models to guide our young society not these kind of insignificant, stories which seem to give a lift and glorify people who haven't achieved a great deal and are of no inspiration or interest to the vast majority of normal people in he country. What on earth are itv thinking? Find it utterly contradictory that you have stopped my complaint going through to you as I used the word se* on a private email intended for private receipt by an adult, yet itv think it's fine to plaster this word on tv screen at 9.30 in the morning. Would be grateful if you could give me an explanation for this also.

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