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Breach of Contract

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Abby Brazier


Breach of Contract

Complaint about Xercise4Less

I have tried to cancel my membership to Xercise4Less Sheffield through them breaching the contract. “This agreement can be cancelled if we (Xercise4less) are in breach of contract including if we do not provide facilities or services you may reasonable expect and we have fallen below that standard”. My argument is that they're services are not up to standard. I paid £20 for PT sessions. Only 2 PTs had qualifications & they both left because of the poor treatment of staff. I've requested the money be refunded & been ignored. Classes regularly get cancelled without informing customers. There's been customer bullying & theft. I was previously at Virgin Gym & this place is awful! I've not even been able to set up my entry yet because thumb scanners & camera were down, and when I attended for my induction they shrugged as the PT was busy with someone else. After multiple phone calls to management I then found the manager had left. The sales guy who joined me up has blocked my number. I've had one email reply from what I assume is head office from a 'Willow', no surname or sign off. She's ignoring my further contact. I've called head office and left a voicemail for someone to call me back. I just tried again (as no one called) and the mail box is full. I've never known a company with so little care or concern for their customers. My doctor has actually now written an email for me to say I should no longer use the gym due to a recent diagnosis, and I have now email to say I'll be cancelling my membership on these grounds. I'm worried they won't reapond, in which case I'll have to cancel my DD, but then I worry about being hounded for payment.

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Abby Brazier | 12/06/2017 13:17

I am still owed £20 by Xercise4Less who have not delivered PT training sessions to me. I was promised 2 PT sessions, with an inclusive meal & fitness plan. When I approached the PT's they said that the meal & fitness plans were not included, hence why I've not booked the sessions. Now apparently for 'Health & Hygiene' reasons, they can not reimburse me...

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