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Boiler Faulty- Not Their Problem

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Dave Haine


Boiler Faulty- Not Their Problem

Complaint about Grant Engineering

4yr old Boiler failed with water pouring out over burner unit. My heating engineer attended and told me the water jacket had failed. On to Grant who sent out an engineer to 'assess'.... Today I got a phone call saying that it wasn't covered under warranty, due to no service history- I pointed out that there was a service history- in the stickers on the water tank showing when the system had been flushed and protector added to the system (the engineer had taken a photo of this). I also pointed out that the water jacket was not part of any yearly check anyway. When I asked if it was a manufacturing fault I was told "yes we hold our hands up to this". I refused to accept their opinion. A while later, another phone call, still no joy, apparently there was some doubt as to whether it was installed properly. So my first question: 'Where the original installers authorised installers?'- "Yes, they were 'G1' installers, which meant they had attended training courses at the factory" Me: "So if they were authorised installers and they failed to install in accordance with Grant's specification then it surely it was Grant's failure, either to properly train, or monitor their installers" 'Oh no they weren't authorised installers'- Me: 'but you said they were'- 'No YOU told me they were' Me: "No I asked if they were, and you said they were" "You must have confused me" I then pointed out that the story had changed between the two phone calls. Regardless of the installation the boiler still failed, due to a manufacturing fault. "We don't know if there was a manufacturing fault" Me: " you told me there was" "No I didn't" Me: "Yes you did, you said when I asked if there was a manufacturing fault you said 'yes we hold our hands up to this' "I didn't say that" I repeated word for word what the employee said.... They then said the only way to find out if there is fault is if it tested by them- I have told them that as my faith in them has been dented somewhat, I would only accept it being examined and tested by an independent party. I have also asked for their complaints procedure and all of this in writing.

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