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Security checking

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Diane Keaveney


Security checking

Complaint about Manchester Airport

My bags were stopped and searched today when I went through security, which isn't an issue, but the items that were picked up on the scanners were a hairdryer/straighteners, a highlighter pen and an empty bottle. First of all, I assume the fact that hair dryers and straighteners now have to be taken out is a new requirement as I fly a lot and have never had this request before??? Secondly, can you please explain why a highlighter marker would cause an issue? I understand that due to the recent attacks in Manchester security is being stepped up which is only natural,and it's great to have the peace of mind knowing that I'm safe when I travel. What I cannot understand however, is the inconsistency between airports. I flew from Cork Wednesday night with exactly the same items and none of my bags were searched. My manager, who flew with me today, has recently flown to Paris and Munich and she wasn't stopped, even though she had a hair dryer in her bag. I'm very confused as to why airport security is so inconsistent? I would appreciate an explanation as to why airport securities vary so much? Thanking you in advance Regards, Diane Keaveney

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