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Criona Smyth



Complaint about Vodafone

I am a long standing customer of Vodafone at home- broadband and landline. I have been out of contract for a number of years and contacted them I february to discuss what they could offer me in a new contract. Meanwhile I researched other companies and got a better deal with SKY and so went with them. Them I cancelled my Vodafone account. They are now claiming that I had entered a new contract with them and owe €717 for breaking contract. I have attempted to solve this issue with them- emails, letters and live chats( of whatcha I have the transcripts) but Vodafone have refused to contact me and sent a letter to say that if I did not pay, I would gave legal proceedings. I wrote to them and explained their mistake, telling them that I have emails and dates of phone calls to prove same and asking them to speak with me. I got no response. Today I got an email from a solicitor to contact them and when I rang them , it was not a solicitor but a debt collection agency. I tried to explain my case to the lady but she said she cannot do anything for me and that I now owe €812!! I've written an email to the debt collection agency explaining what happened and that I don't owe the money and that in fact Vodafone owe me money as they overcharged me on my second last bill and they agreed to refund me this money, which they never did. As you can imagine, I am extremely stressed and overwrought by this whole affair. I'm really hoping that you can help me. I asked the lady at the debt collection agency if there is a time limit on my trying to sort this out. She said it's usually 7 days at which point legal proceeding would be issued against me. I have copies of all emails and live chat transcripts printed out and told Vodafone this and asked them to review their records to see that this is a mistake in their behalf. They never contacted me re same. Please help me, Criona Smyth. Vodafone account no- 6023859530 Here is the email I got from the debt collectors- Dear Criona Smyth, You provided this email address as a point of contact when setting up on our clients, Vodafone Ireland Limited billing system. We are contacting you today in relation to impending legal action with regard to matter 1010188630 Please contact our team on 01-6874884 for further information and to avoid this course of action. Regards Hugh J Ward & Co Solicitors Here is the email I sent them after speaking to the lady- To whom or may concern, I received an email to contact you re a bill which Vodafone have claimed that I owe. Having spoken to you, I explained that I do not owe this bill. I have written to Vodafone and rang them several times and no one has got back to me to discuss same. I was a customer of Vodafone for a very long time and was enquiring from them about a new contract, as at the time I was not in a contract with them. I made it clear that I was only making enquiries and that I was not to be entered into a new contract until I further have the go ahead. In the meantime I got a better deal from SKY and decided to go with them and duly cancelled Vodafone. Now Vodafone are claiming that I was in a contract with them and that I owe €700 for breaking the contract. As I've said I have written to Vodafone, I have emailed them and spoken on live chat regarding this obvious mistake on vodafones behalf. NO ONE has got back to me. I have copies of all emails, transcripts of live chats and dates and times of all phone calls to prove that I did not enter a new contract. I have emails and live transcripts assuring me that this is the case and that I would not be entered into a new contract unless I gave the go ahead. I have been assured that someone from Vodafone would contact me to allay my concerns but this never happened. And today I get an email from a debt collector. This is an appalling way to treat me. I can furnish all emails, transcripts and dates and times of phone calls to prove that I did not enter a new contract. Vodafone have ignored all my efforts to sort this matter and have now handed the case to a debt collector. I await to hear from you as this is a huge mistake on Vodafone's behalf and actually it's Vodafone who owe me money as I was overcharged in my 2nd last bill and I was assured that this money would be repaid to me. As recent as a couple of weeks ago , I wrote to Vodafone and explained everything and requested that they contact me, which they never did. I simply do not owe this money and this whole debacle has caused me untold stress. I have been a Vodafone customer for years and years and have always paid my bills on time and in full. Please contact Vodafone to try to once and for all, sort this ugly and completely unnecessary mess. I most assuredly do not owe this money and I can assure you that if I did, I would have paid it immediately, as I do with all my bills. Criona smyth.

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Phil Wilson | 15/06/2017 07:54 | VERIFIED

Hi Criona, Please accept our apologies for nay inconvenience this may have caused. So our team can take a look into this for you, please email us directly here: http://vdfn.co/wrt135 Once done, we'll be in touch to help as soon as possible. Thanks, Vodafone UK

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