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Continuous accusations

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Laura Warburton


Continuous accusations

Complaint about Nisa

My now 12 year old son has been accused of stealing from our local Nisa shop. This is not the first time that this has happened. The first time he forgot to get a basket and DID put things in his pocket as he could not carry them, a lady saw him and told the cashier. However when my son got to the till he emptied his pockets and paid for everything. He was then told to empty them again after paying and was then told he was barred for this. On this occasion i think that for this to be classed as stealing you would need to walk out of the shop not paying for anything. This did not happen. I went into the shop and told them this was wrong and not to embarrass my son in front of a shop full and accuse him when he did in fact pay for all of his items. Yesterday son went into the shop and bought a drink, paid for it and then put it into his bag. He then went back in to purchase something else. This morning he went in to buy another drink and was told he was barred AGAIN for stealing the drink from yesterday, the cashier who served him agreed with my son and that he had in fact paid for it but this didn't make a difference and was told he was still barred. My son suffers from ADHD and ANXIETY and this does not help him at all, if my son had been stealing why would he come and tell me he was barred. Also another customer vouched for him paying for the item. Being a teenager this could have a big impact on him, he may think that if he is getting accused then he may as well do it. this it out of order for them to do this and i am not happy at all.

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