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Eileen Burnside



Complaint about Currys PC World

I purchased my first fitbit form the Daybrook nottingham store where after a short while it stopped working correctly. I returned it to store where i was offered a replacement. The store did not have the same product in store however they had an upgrade Fitbit and as it was on offer i decided to upgrade. no issue with this and happy with service. After a while my fitbit was not holding its charge for more than a few days where on a full charge previous would last a good 5 days or more. The strap was also becoming lose and brittle and it eventually broke completely, so could not be used either. I returned it to store for a replacement expecting the same service as previously. The guy said sorry we cant do that, i said but you had done so not long ago. I said ok it is faulty so i would like a refund please as this was not the first time having to return one of these and they are not fit for purpose. He said no you cant have a refund its your word against ours inferring that i must have broke it on purpose. I was furious at how he spoke to me. He went onto say you should have got a Apple one like mine they are better. I asked him to send it back to fitbit, he went onto say you have to do this yourself . He was rude and arrogant towards me and my friend with me at the time. I left the store with no help at all with a faulty product that was useless to me. I contacted fitbit and they sent me just a strap not taking into account that i said it was not keeping its charge. Contacted fitbit again and they sent out a replacement which i put to the strap. After a full charge i started to use it however it is not holding a charge again. I am dissapointed with the item and feel it is not fit for purpose. I feel let down by both parties and especially Currys who dont seem to care once a product has been sold even if its still under garuantee which is absolutley useless. If this is the now policy of many items of currys it is awful as its just pass the buck so to speak and you cannot return faulty items at all. I will await a reply although wont hold my breath if the store service was anything to go by....

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Eileen Burnside | 03/07/2017 17:38

i had a call the other day from some finance company leaving a message but they didn't say why they were calling...not sure if this was call from yourselves? As asked previous can i take the fitbit and receipt back to the store for refund?? don't trust giving my details over the phone

KNOWHOW TOHELP | 03/07/2017 17:45 | VERIFIED

Hi Eileen, I cannot see that our finance team have called, they would quote your case reference for security. You can take it in to store to process the refund, please let us know when and if this has been processed. I have put the case on hold, whilst you return to store, then I can close it if the refund is successful. - Gemma

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