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Misrepresentation of Warranty

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Stephen Moore


Misrepresentation of Warranty

Complaint about Currys PC World

I am writing to you to inform you of a series of events which have led to my utter dismay at one of your companies. A bit of background information, I have shopped with you several times on what I consider to be big purchases, PC's (both personal and business), TV's, Washing Machines, Fridge freezers etc etc and as a result of my satisfaction I have recommended you to my father who is blind and of ill health. I took him to your one of your stores: Branch 2238 Hull, Status City Retail park, Clough Road,Kingston Upon Hull, HU6 7PT with the intention to purchase a large screen television. We were approached by a salesman called Tony who was friendly enough who accommodated us in narrowing our selection down to two televisions both from LG's range. Then the problems began, namely the big sell of the Knowhow care plan. We were shown a document which clearly stated on our one TV we only got a 12 month MANUFACTURERS warranty, on the other TV we got a 5 year MANUFACTURERS warranty however for an additional £3.50 per month we could have a 5 year guarantee with you which had additional benefits. The TV which came with the 12 month MANUFACTURERS warranty was circa £200 less than the one which came with the 5 year MANUFACTURERS warranty but the cost to upgrade to the Knowhow plan was only £3.50 per month and covered more than the manufacturer. At this point I clearly stated I would feel more comfortable with a MANUFACTURERS warranty as its directly with the manufacturer, I understand the additional benefits however most of them were covered by insurances held elsewhere. So we opted for a more expensive TV (circa £200) on the understanding we got a 5 year warranty directly with the manufacturer, in this case LG. We were then approached by the store manager who asked Tony what was being sold, the store manager then began pushing the Knowhow care plan which we vehemently rejected. We were then told that if we took the care plan he would place a discount against the product and we could just cancel it when we get home. Eventually after butting heads for around 5 minutes we gave in as we had been in the store for approaching 2 1/2 hours at this point and agreed we would just cancel it when we got home as instructed. Over the subsequent days I was filing away the documentation received with the TV and alarm bells began ringing, upon inspection we had not been given the 5 year manufacturers warranty as informed, it was only 12 months... I called Currys customer services who informed me I had to register the product with LG to qualify for 5 years, it sounded plausible so registered the product with LG. LG product registrations confirmed that the product has a 12 month warranty even after registration and that they do not do a 5 year warranty on TV's at all. I called Currys customer services back and spoked to a gentleman who tried to pass this off as a system error saying that because we registered for the Knowhow care plan we didn't get the 5 year MANUFACTURERS warranty. He would cancel the care plan for me and send me with 5 years MANUFACTURERS warranty out in the post. When confronted about LG not doing a 5 year warranty his story changed to "ohhh its a guarantee with Currys not with LG" I tired to explain my problem with the situation but he either couldn't comprehend or wasn't interested in my plight. I reiterated we had been advised to buy a different product which cost £200 more to get a LG warranty which now we aren't getting instead we are being fobbed off with exactly what we didn't want. I asked the gentleman at customer services twice "so can you confirm that you are not prepared to do anything to assist me in resolving this situation" and both times he said NO! So the upshot of all this is one of three things have happened: 1) Your salesman & store manager are both poorly trained and do not understand what they are doing and as such have given us poor information resulting in my elderly father being robbed of ~£200 2) I have been mislead by rogue staff members and as such you have profited to the tune of £200 at the expense of my elderly, disabled father. 3) I have been lied to. Either way its needless to say I am utterly furious, I cannot believe I recommend you to a vulnerable member of my family as a personal recommendation, I even drove him to your store and assisted in making sure he bought from you and now you treat us both like this. It's a complete disgrace, I have been told to return to the store and confront the manager and sales person, which I haven't completely ruled out yet, but lets just say I won't be returning to the store until this matter is resolved without a member of the press on hand to record the events. I would like an immediate response to confirm that this complaint has been received and from that response you have 14 days in which to conduct your investigations and formulate a response. Depending on the contents of that correspondence I will then decide on what action I shall take next. I look forward to your response.

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KNOWHOW TOHELP | 19/06/2017 17:35 | VERIFIED

Hi Stephen, I am sorry to learn of your comments in relation to the service received when purchasing your TV set. If you would kindly email me at [email protected] quoting your reference number of SPK196 in your subject line. Please also include your full address and your purchase receipt details (date of purchase, receipt number and four digit store number) - Shaun

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