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Damage doors, panels and switch less waste disposer

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Firoz Patel


Damage doors, panels and switch less waste disposer

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

Hello Sir/Madam I am Mr patel and we bought complete kitchen with installation from Wrens Lakeside. But unfortunately so far it looks like we did very big Mistake purchasing Kitchen from Wrens. We been into deal and design since October/November and delivered on 15th February and came for installation on 20th February. The Day they started installation we have problems as fitter was denying to install sink tape and waste disposal and after hard work he did but he did not install/fit Gas hob on worktop and I had to hire some other fitter to do that. As I paid for complete installation and rubbish pick up. As they didn't install the kitchen in one time so I had to clear the rubbish paying someone on two occasions. During installations panels and door were damaged and some panels they tried to hide them by care kit and some doors literally you can see white colour on which they applied the colour I choose which was Grey. Factory manufacturing fault. Very poor paint spray. Installation manager Paul Graham came to visit during installation and he took pictures and decided to reorder the damage doors and panels and will replace them. After few weeks the doors and panels delivery came and fitters came after few weeks and fitters noticed that some door and panels which are reordered by Paul Graham are not wright size and measurements. So the fitter he himself took the size and measurements and fill the form which he had reported to the customer service team whoever send him. Up to this we had to waste so much our time and had to do so many long holding phone calls and headache in our busy working schedule. Customer service team they promises us to come back to us but not even single time they call us back. Not only that customer service team and installation management team is also running away from us and no one wants to take responsibility to solve our problem as they know that we don't have any option to complain about them and no one is above them to whom we going to complain. So they taking advantage and misusing there position in the company for what they have been paid for. On so many occasions they disconnected the phone calls after long holding. So many times we requested customer team for some contact no or email address where we can report our issues as installation manager (Paul Graham)is not doing anything but they never helped. After lots of phone calls installation manager Paul Graham once again visited the property on 8th of May and took pictures and promised us to give us delivery date in same week but not fulfilled his promise and never answer or called us back after lots and lots of phone calls, Text messages and emails on his Mobile and email address. After 8th of May to day is 20th of June still nothing happening and we calling customer team and Paul Graham but nothing is happening. And customer team promises to call us back but they never do so. After lot of search I found your email address and with lots hopes emailing my issues with hope that it get sorted as soon as possible. My mobile no is 07988821529. Our kitchen needs some doors and panels replacement and replacement of waste disposal as they gave us was without switch which is connected directly in electric and they made a hole on work top for switch and is without switch. So need one with switch. And also is huge gap between worktop and units. For more information pls see the attachments of pics [cid:58503276-AAD1-4802-9B7B-A4B3CC53AD96] [cid:F79C9318-E2B0-4E7A-B769-689D1DB53052] [cid:A22EB33D-CE55-487E-A60F-1F8BE549FE47] [cid:29C2509B-864E-4AE7-B482-1EDAE21B9AAE] [cid:0AC643D0-7C99-4CA8-93CF-A1C392AC85DB] [cid:1F1CB063-38E4-42E7-83A3-A7E7CB573EE1] [cid:EBDF6BDC-CC8B-4C9A-B2A4-AC46D40F8E1D] [cid:D8987991-91D6-425F-A784-070D301F1962] [cid:E4C7AA76-84F1-4EE4-86F8-F87D7CD81AF6] [image1.JPG]

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Wren Kitchens | 27/06/2017 10:20 | VERIFIED

Hi Firoz, I understand that you have opened a case with Barclays, and our team are now in direct contact. Regards, Adam

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