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Non delivery

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Aurore Lester-Smith


Non delivery

Complaint about DPD

A next day to the door delivery was paid for by a customer in Brussels for food supplements from a retailer in the UK. The parcel was never delivered. 5 days after the purchase for a next day home delivery a DPD slip with a parcel reference number was left in Dutch (95% of the Brussels population speaks French). The parcel had been dumped at a store and the recipient was expected to pick it up from there. The HANDICAPPED recipient had ordered the expensive next day to the door delivery service DUE TO BEING HANDICAPPED AND COULD NOT GO ANYWHERE TO COLLECT ANYTHING. Enquiries at DPD led to a dead end: an expensive pay phone led to a dead end back to DPD's web which led back to the expensive pay phone. No human interface was available. The client was bounced from costly pay phone number and back to the web. No human interface access. No access to the company. ZERO possibility to contact DPD in order to solve the missing parcel issue. The retailer who dispatched the goods via DPD was contacted. DPD lied to the retailer claiming to have made several failed delivery attempts. However only one delivery slip was ever left (in Dutch). The buyer contacted the retailer who had used DPD to deliver the goods and was told by DPD that the parcel number featured on the delivery slip WAS FALSE. At the DPD web page for complaints clients are advised to email, BUT no email address is given. "Clients" simply mean companies with DPD accounts IT DOES NOT refer TO THE RECIPIENT. The RECIPIENT has no recall to access any assistance WHATSOEVER. The RECIPIENT IS FACED WITH A STONE WALL. In this instance the parcel had been dumped at a store of DPD's choice for the recipient to pick up. As the recipient is HANDICAPPED he was physically unable to access the goods. After research the recipient found the name of the public relations company handling DPD’s account in Belgium. The responsible executive FAILED TO BE ABLE TO GET ANY RESPONSE from DPD. 10 days after delivery the recipient was still in TOTAL DARKNESS as to accessing the goods paid for. The recipient is now faced with suing DPD. DPD HAS AS YET NOT RESPONDED TO ANY ATTEMPTS BY THEIR OWN PUBLIC RELATIONS OPERATIVE TO GET IN TOUCH OVER THE MATTER. A full record of the entire email and telephone exchanges exists and will serve as proof in the legal proceedings.

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Aurore Lester-Smith | 01/07/2017 20:01

Funny u make this claim. I have mail dating back 2 years with the same insurmountable issues caused by policies DESIGNED to enable DPD to slither out of all its responsibilities. ZERO HUMAN INTERFACE a when finally a responsible officer contacts it is to cut short the abused client with formatted responses proving u take ZERO responsiblity like a sick computer game loaded against the player.

Andy Webb | 03/07/2017 09:48 | VERIFIED

If you would like us to assist you, please email your parcel number so we can look into and resolve any issues you are having [email protected]

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