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Littlewoods owe me £287.22

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Samantha McLean


Littlewoods owe me £287.22

Complaint about Littlewoods

I recently paid off my outstanding balance on my Littlewoods account with a view to closing the account, as I no longer require their credit facility. I paid the amount shown as the balance (which you'd assume was the outstanding balance). The balance shown was: £1409.37 which I paid in full on 20.05.2017. The following day I called their customer services to close the account. The adviser said it would take 14 days to close the account. Fair enough. I checked my account on 27.05.2017 to see it showing in credit £287.22 - on further investigation it appeared that this was due to Littlewoods having added interest to the balance (which was not yet due) for a buy now pay later item. I called customer services again to request this amount be refunded via a cheque (as the card I used to make my last payment was no longer available and they were unable to refund any other card). The agent said, no problem it will take a few days. OK, fine. So time passes...22 days to be exact from when I discovered the account was in credit and approx 21 since requesting the cheque. The account has also still not been closed (despite claims of 14 days). I call them back on Sunday 18.06.2017 @ 11:27 am and ask where my money is. The CSA says the cheque has not been issued...says previous agent didn't do it. So...she says she will get the cheque issued "with urgency" or words to that effect and the account will be closed. It's now 23.06.2017. No cheque and the account is still open. Fed up with this company.

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