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Fraud at Currys

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Fraud at Currys

Complaint about Currys PC World

Julie Browning!!! Great. I couldn't have made the case against Currys PCworld any clearer. I too have been taken for a ride by Currys when I bought a TV and paid with my "International" debit card by entering my PIN number. With such an intent and eager to defraud me the salesman forgot to look at my debit card or ask me where I am from let alone present a any direct debit form for to me sign. I am from Switzerland and we use a system there called Swift and IBAN, as oppose to the Sort Code and Account number you use here in the UK to establish D/D transactions. This system doesn't work in the U.K. as I tried in the past to subscribe to other services because my accounts and cards are international. Like you Julie, at no point was I asked if I wanted a service agreement. If I had been asked I would have explain to the salesman that Zurich might be a little outside their coverage area and refused any form of after sales service. Incidentally how much I paid was exactly the amount that I was expecting to pay and I hadn't noticed the "managers discount" that covers the first premium for the service agreement. Within a month I started to receive the charges in my account drawn directly from my international debit card. Unlike you Julie, I haven't contacted Currys and have no intention of doing so because I will only receive the same old tired excuses that you and thousands of other angry-defrauded customers have received. Instead I have been to see my lawyers to see if the company has broken rules instead of a few unwitting salesman eager to receive a bonus for signing you up to an after sales service. It turns out in my case at least the company has made a financial mistake by "accepting and collecting payment from an overseas card" as a form of direct debit service. This means the FCA and the more stringent financial regulatory can now get involved instead of just the trading standard and consumer protect agency - that do a great job but have little mandated power to bring major corporations to account. Remember what happen with the PPI's miss-selling? It was only when the 10000s of complaints reached the FSA as it was then called that the banks dropped the defrauding scam and paid people back. My recommendations to you Julie is look beyond the petty crime committed by the sales person that serviced and also forget trying to obtain your money back. Instead go visit the nearest Currys PCworld store and buy something, anything! But this time record the whole ordeal. You will see that they have not changed and will repeat the mistake. I have been going to the stores almost everyday buying some items to see if they repeat their fraud. They have on every occasion! I am very saddened but will report all to the financial regulatory agencies. You should do the same. Best of luck and I hope some day we can turn the crimson cultural colour of Currys from crime to community.

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KNOWHOW TOHELP | 26/06/2017 11:27 | VERIFIED

Hi, so I can look into this matter please send the above post to [email protected] along with the DD number or Careplan number from the receipt. Please also include your address. Once I have the necessary information i will be able to investigate. REF spk 206 - Tony

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