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Direct debit membership cancellation problem

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Matt Gent


Direct debit membership cancellation problem

Complaint about Xercise4Less

In late August 2016 I realised I was still being debited £9.99 per month by Xercise4less for a gym membership, although I had not visited the branch since April 2015. On the day I realised, I tried to use the online cancellation form. The form did not work and the screen I saw contained some kind of error code, which I took a screenshot of and saved. Unfortunately this was on a computer I used for work in a job I am no longer carrying out so I do not have access to the screenshot. That same day, after having the issue with the form, I cancelled my direct debit for the membership, and emailed the local branch. In my email I asked if they would consider refunding some of the membership fees paid since April 2015, and I made them aware that I had cancelled my direct debit that day due to the form not working. This was acknowledged by a member of staff on the front desk at my local branch (in Hull). Since then I have had significant contact with CRS debt recovery company to settle the account. The figure they quote me is in excess of £200, but have said Xercise4less would "settle" for £29.99. I think this is an insult. I have informed them I would be prepared to pay one more months fee of £9.99 as by pure bad fortune I cancelled my direct debit the day before I was due to be billed. As CRS refer me to the local branch, I contacted the local branch to raise my complaint. I had absolutely no contact from them until around 6 months ago, when I was contacted by the new General Manager (GM) at the local branch. He told me the previous manager had left him a huge backlog of unresolved complaints. I exchanged several emails and calls with GM who accepted my version of events, said he would look into quashing my outstanding charges, and took it to his manager. After much chasing up GM informed me that his manager disagreed with him, and that my charge should stand. Meanwhile CRS have been in regular contact, which is unhelpful to say the least. I asked GM for the contact details of his manager a couple of months ago but received no response. I have spoken to the local branch again today to be informed that GM left a couple of months ago and is yet to be replaced, so there is nobody at the branch to make a decision on this account. I absolutely begrudge paying this shambolic company any more money especially since they have had regular, timely payments from me for the duration of my membership. I am aware from significant coverage in local press and the multitude of articles online that the experience I have had with Xercise4less is by no means an isolated one, and I am therefore hoping you can give me some advice on how to fight this. Thank you so much in advance. Matt

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